a new morning

After work yesterday, I dragged my heavy legs, belly, and heart onto the front porch to find these beauties blooming outside our bedroom window. I’d chosen which room to make ours during the winter, in hopes that the spot would be a place of peace and cheer. I’m in awe that after nearly two years of our property being unoccupied, the land still remembers what to do in the springtime. He makes all things new, huh?

Similar to the day of the Sandy Hook shootings, our country was struck by yet another horrible tragedy while I worked. Everything feels a bit darker and foggier when you’re in and out of patients’ rooms, trying to piece together the news without a clear idea of what’s happening. I was encouraged to see so much selflessness and bravery spilling onto the streets of Boston within minutes of the explosions. Even in the chaos and sadness, I smiled at the themes developing on various news networks and social media sites. There was much talk of good overcoming bad, and light outshining dark. Overnight, the world fell in love with some man in a cowboy hat because he ran toward, and not away.

Before the tragic events yesterday, I posted some content that hit a sore spot with many of you, and for good reason. My supposedly catchy title and wording didn’t relay the way I intended. Perhaps my ideas were better suited for a coffeehouse or couch discussion. I took it down this morning after realizing that most of the concern revolves around a topic that I had/have no plans discussing. My post was not about male leadership, or gender roles, or marriage equality. It was about personality differences when it comes to my own marriage, as well as generalizations I’ve recently discussed with male and female friends alike. My thoughts could have just as easily applied to a friendship or work relationship, but that’s not the way it came across. It translated poorly, and I removed it for the sake of preserving my own beliefs and easing the offense taken by several of you. I kept it as a draft, along with all of your comments. I’ve re-read it all several times, to learn from it. Maybe I’ll try again in a few weeks, and rewrite it as the fun blog post for which I was aiming.

Although I do have personal opinions about hot topics such as this, I’ll never address them here in such a lighthearted tone. In fact, I may never address them here at all. Most of you have discovered by now that I don’t write about things like the big boys’ mom, or vaccines, or circumcision, or abortion, or gay marriage. Dang, that’s a lot of off-topic stuff! There are just some types of discussions I prefer to keep to email or face to face, where real discussion can take place. You should know, though, that if we ever get the chance to chat about such controversial ideas, you’d probably be surprised by my stance on most of them. Try me!

Happy Tuesday, friends.
Be encouraged today, by whatever it takes to get you there.

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  1. I have to say that I thought you handled the whole thing gracefully. Your comments were open, polite, and genuine, which was super awesome to see when most others would’ve been the exact opposite. Kudos to you for knowing your limits and sticking to them for you, not for anyone else! I truly admire that!

  2. I thought it was a good post percisely because it challenged me to express why in a hopefully helpful way. From a purely selfish place its good for me to examine my own past and feelings when I have a strong reaction to something. As in why is this causeing me to feel that. Blogs are good for that becuase you get a little window into someone elses thoughts and it gives you a moment to exaimine your own thoughts (knee jerk or calm and collected)

    I wasnt offened and I hope I didnt offend by piping up. I work with at risk kids and a large part of my job is turning off my opinions and trying to help with the things that I can. Often that means my feelings bubble up in weird undeserved places when something triggers it. And I’m sort of ok with that. Its better then becoming numb and institutionalized. None of which has anything to do with anything you wrote but those are the things I thought about yesterday. So I would say it was a good post for me.

    1. I wasn’t offended by ANYONE’S remarks. Totally appreciated all of the feedback, and none of it was hurtful. I just didn’t want it continuing on down the wrong path, and I appreciate your follow-up!

  3. Oh! How I wish you would write about all those things!! I have really been struggling with my steppie’s mom these past few weeks and have thought of you several times. Being a step-monster can be so dang difficult!

    1. I so agree with Erin on this. I struggle with being a stepmother so much, and it’s not like I’m new at this either. In blog land there are hardly any stepmoms and it would be so nice if there was a stepparent community.

    2. I’m totally open to it! The last time I checked out a community like that was on LiveJournal, and it was a horrible gossipy birth-mom bash party. On the other hand, I agree it’s a tricky path to navigate and would love to support you both and learn from you!

  4. I really liked the post! It definitely rang true for my husband and my relationship. I clearly saw your humor and appreciate a fun post – even if it didn’t completely come off how you might have planned. I thought it was great. Don’t feel bad!

  5. Rachel, I really have enjoyed reading your blog over the last year. I don’t read many blogs, but yours really is one of my favorites. Keep up the great work! You are such a breath of fresh air :)

  6. Yup another one that loved your post. :) I can see how it could be taken light-hearted but also something that could be talked in depth a lot more. I for one thought about it last night as getting into bed. Oh to be able to talk it over more. Where are people like you in my IRL? :)

  7. I also enjoyed the post. My reader app saved it and I just finished reading. I felt it was humorous and definitely reflected my marriage and relationship. It actually made me laugh at myself as I remembered some of the crazy things I say to my husband!
    I admire that you don’t discuss hot topics on your blog. It’s a decision you’ve made and I respect that. I would love to hear your opinions on all the topics you’ve mentioned though so if you ever feel like an email chat with a crazy Scottish lady let me know!
    Much love and blessings to you, your family, and your country today x

  8. You know, I read your original post and chuckled a little. We don’t do things the same way as your family – I tend to be overly direct, my husband tends to take a more circular route (we once had a HUGE fight because he swears he was asking me to do laundry for weeks and I wouldn’t help him. I was so confused until I realized him saying, “There’s a lot of laundry” is actually him asking). What I CAN relate to is two people who interact with the world differently but love each other and are building a life together. We have to learn to communicate in ways that not only work for us, but work for them as our loves. And we have to appreciate the differences we each bring to the table.

    And those flowers are beautiful. I can just imagine sitting on that front porch with a lemonade and a warm breeze chatting away with you. Love you!

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