a date with eye-saiah jane

Heading back to the pediatric opthalmologist again this morning. Hopefully, this will be the last visit for awhile. Hopefully, we’ll have a game plan for the next few years after today.

I’m taking sweet IJ by myself, in hopes to squeeze in a little fun time with her aftewards… you know, picking up my Zofran prescription, a Costco run, and maybe a treat for the oldest girl. She’s such a spitfire these days. We can barely keep up with her.

After today, Isaiah Jane might be even feistier.
Can you picture this little pig in a pair of glasses?
We’ll see! Happy Monday (and July!), friends.

4 thoughts on “a date with eye-saiah jane”

    1. Update: she doesn’t need them now, but we have been encouraged to patch more and consider surgery in the not-so-distant future… those little baby frames are darling though, right?!

  1. Rach,
    We’ll be praying for you! My sweet hubby started wearing glasses and had his first surgery before age 4…. (2nd one was at age 10, if i remember correctly). His eyes still wander off when he is tired and he has monocular vision… yep he sees with each eye independently… which can be kinda cool! but overall it was the best thing they could have done for him. have a great day my dear! praying for you guys on a regular basis… even when you don’t hear from me! :-)

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