a beautiful morning

I appreciate all of the support and kind words. Everyone really loved on us yesterday. Isaiah Jane did great with her MRI! Chris had a chance to see some of the staff from last week’s visit, and everyone was so supportive. He was present while she went under anesthesia, which I know he wanted. She was home before lunch. The only side effect we noticed? She belched like a grown man for awhile, as a result of her being intubated.
After she napped, we met with an early intervention intake specialist at our home. She explained the process to us and played with IJ for about an hour. According to her assessment, Isaiah’s only real deficiency seems to be in the area of motor skills. We’ll get the official results today. In the meantime, IJ seems to be in a sudden hurry to catch up. She even tried to push up on all fours during the assessment! 
The spring-like weather & earlier sunrises make for sweet mornings with the big boys before school. This morning, Chris & I took on the morning duties together. I made their lunches while he served them breakfast. We argued about potato chip serving sizes and whether or not molasses tastes good in oatmeal. The boys just smirked and gobbled. After they left for school, I made this for Chris & myself. We sat on the couch and watched the Downton Abbey Christmas special. I might or might not have eaten some of my Valentine chocolate from my dad. I sipped ice coffee. 
We have nothing on the agenda today. All three babies are just now stirring, and it’s nearly ten. Windows are open. Beef stew is in the crockpot. Plans have been made to walk to the park when the big boys get home. I’m grabbing coffee with some girlfriends tonight. It’s one of those days that serves as a reset button, and I’m pressing it over and over. Happy Thursday!

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  1. It’s fantastic to read this post and hear the joy in your writing. Enjoy your relaxing day and time with Chris and all the kids. I’ll keep praying for good news regarding the MRI results. Oh, and I’ll envy your open windows.

  2. I’m so glad today seems better than recent history. I was sending prayers for peace for you and yours yesterday. Some just work better under pressure…I know I do! Enjoy your beautiful day!

  3. I’m so happy to see you are in good spirits this morning. I am craving a relaxing day with nothing on the agenda too…I guess that means I best be getting to crossing things off my to do list!

  4. And it is going to be a beutiful life for Isaiah Jane as God gave her to us. Whether it is a memory of bumps in the road when she was 10 months old or spending her adult life in a wheel chair: she was made in God’s image and we are going to love for who and how she is from now on!
    Mizpah, Ken

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