6 thoughts on “wordless wednesday”

  1. Cute photos. Just curious… doesn’t it make you uncomfortable to post where your kids go to school, plus pictures of them, on the inernet?

  2. Katy, thanks!

    In my area alone, there are two elementary schools with the same name. Plus, I don’t currently have any kids who go there! :)

    As far as posting pictures of my kids goes… isn’t that sort of what we mommy bloggers do?

    Or are you referring to the older kids?

  3. You guys are so cute! Love the stages of the pictures from getting them into the shot to happy family!! Congrats and hope they enjoy their break.

  4. hi – wasnt sure best way to contact you so I will leave you this comment. I love your blog, congrats on the twins and all of your family blessings – Im a fellow homebirther as of March 8th 2011. I wanted to write you and thank you for tweeting about baby carrying at one point in the last few weeks. Your simple vent tweet enlightened me enough to research thoroughly and get rid of any of my baby carriers that were not in good health for my baby. I am now strictly slinging but also looking into some mei tai options. Thank you again!


  5. I meant the older kids in conjunction with the school they go to, but if they dont go there anymore, then that solves that. I am a mommy blogger too, but I’ve been struggling lately with when and what limits I will set on what I post. I’m always curious what others with older kiddos are doing. Anyway, I enjoy your blog!

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