Winter still.

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This winter is the first one where I have refrained from building a warm weather wardrobe too early. It’s the first one where I haven’t felt cagey and ragey. It’s the first one where I’ve secretly hope for a good snow day before the season turns. It’s the first one where I haven’t gone on a cleaning crusade against my children’s toys…

I started drafting this post a few days too soon, apparently. All of the aforementioned crept up on me last week, but in my defense: we’re fifty degrees below our normal temps right now. To make it worse, we had a snow day this week WITH NO SNOW. A sleet/ice storm blew through and froze the whole place up for days. So when I started this post, I was in a good place about winter. Now, I’m in a decent place about winter. And it’s still better than last year and the year before that, so I’m counting it a win. Spring can come a few weeks early and I wouldn’t be mad, but my heart is is okay with winter still.

4 thoughts on “Winter still.”

  1. I am HATING it. Hating-hating-hating it. We don’t have nearly the snow I’d like and we are so unbelievably bitter. And we still have March. I could use your good attitude.

    1. I don’t have enough good attitude to go around… barely even enough to get me through the next few weeks, haha!! They called for 6-10 inches for us last night, which would be a snowpocalypse around here. And we got NADA. Just sleet and rain!

  2. This is so good to hear. I know all too well the darkness that can settle in during the winter months. I’m beginning to know what winter looks like without the darkness too and I think I like it. Proud of you for so many things.

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