what’s going on with the sisters

we’re getting bigger!
happy thoughts:
32 weeks = the girls have lungs.
34 weeks (tomorrow) = most likely no extended NICU time.
i gained three pounds in one week.
baby names picked (gotta meet ’em first, though).
no bedrest = desk work = saving $$.
no dilation or painful contractions.
ehhhhh thoughts:
very sore. like, i worked out & then got beat up.
both girls are still frank breech. possibly even transverse.
feeling less movement/contractions the last few days.
girls suddenly showing different weight gains.
what i’m doing about it all:
protein shakes & blood builder
chiropractor. webster technique.
ultrasound + non-stress test next week.
met with nurse manager of maternity center…
 toured OR, established plan to take placentas, refuse vaccines, etc.
relaxing. on the couch. a lot. watching LOST on Netflix.
letting go & getting excited about meeting my daughters!
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15 thoughts on “what’s going on with the sisters”

  1. you look awesome! I was on bedrest with my last baby and I remember counting those weeks by twos & breathing a sigh of relief after each one!

  2. [sorry about the last comment…i was signed into the hubby’s account.]
    You are looking great girlie! And sounds like you are doing even better.

    Congrats on the weight gain. I am in a similar boat…needing to gain weight. Im only having one, but its still hard.

    I was curious as to what protein shakes you are drinking. Did your Dr okay it? I tried one earlier in my pregnancy and my OB said there was too much Vit A in it

  3. Nichole, sorry you’re struggling with this too! Please know that your baby is getting what he/she needs… you don’t have to gain a ton, as long as you’re eating well & staying hydrated! I rarely pay attention to what doctors say regarding nutrition… that’s not their expertise. Get online, talk to midwives, & read books! I use whey protein powder, and I drink it with milk. I try to get two 8oz glasses in per day.

  4. is it too personal to ask why you take the placentas? i have alway been curious about different things people do with them.
    is that even what you meant? haha, now i feel dumb.

  5. melissa – not too personal at all! i’m having them encapsulated into supplements to take after the birth. last time, i made a tincture with Ames’… ingestion helps with postpartum depression & milk supply!

  6. I think we’re twins separated by birth. Or something, haha! At least when it comes to parenting decisions! I think it is AWESOME that you’re encapsulating the placenta. I didn’t know about it last time, but this time I think I may do it (you know, whenever I get knocked up again).

    I’ve just started following your blog a few weeks ago, and I am ridiculously excited about seeing the sisters and learning their names! Is that lame?

  7. You look great! I can only imagine how uncomfortable you are…. At 28 weeks I was pretty miserable.
    Twins are so much fun- but get PLENTY of sleep now ;o) They’re at least 10x the work as one!

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