we’re here! deep breath.

If you’ve been following along on Twitter and Instagram, you know that the last week has been a whirlwind. We closed on the farmhouse, moved into the farmhouse, worked long hours at our respective jobs, and tried to maintain a sense of normalcy for our kids. Basically, we crammed a lot of life into just a few days. Halfway through the packing process, I discovered that Chris had labeled my boxes with inappropriate captions. I blushed just thinking about the guys from church who’d be moving those boxes. We’d have never made it were it not for the amazing group of folks that showed up on Saturday to get us moved. I was blown away by everyone’s selfless and positive attitudes. At one point, I walked into my bathroom to find a friend under my sink, packing it up. Talk about humbling! Things are settling now, five days later… but the adventure is only just beginning.

We are literally living out of boxes until we get a feel for what type of storage solutions will work for us. Most of the bedrooms and hallways are without closets, so I’m pinning fun armoires and shelves like crazy. We’re also doing a bit of demo in the kitchen to create more space, which cramps our unpacking a bit. Chris overheard one of the boys telling the other that he heard a mouse in the wall last night, and I’m sure not sure if it was a scare tactic or the truth. It’s taken awhile to get the appliances installed and working, due to the old wiring and arrangement of outlets. We’re down to one functional bathroom for now, and we’re learning about well and septic as we go. It makes me feel accomplished and ignorant at the same time.
We spent more money than we’d like on a new security system, and less than we planned on a new stove and fridge. Our neighbors have been a real treat – no really. They’ve brought us a home-cooked meal and several helpful tips over the last few days. I’m grateful to have kind hearts living next door. Lucas came home from school yesterday with the craziest news… one of his teachers GREW UP in this house, back before they moved it to its current spot! Oh, and when the guys delivered our fridge yesterday, they almost tipped the truck and tore up our front yard in the wet grass. We’re on a slope, without a finished driveway. 
Adventure adventure adventure, I tell you! Each time a light flickers off or a leak springs, Chris & I just smile at each other and say, WE’RE HOMESTEADERS. It might not be entirely true, but it sure makes the work more fun. We’ve waited for this for a long time, and we’re grateful just for the chance to get our hands dirty.
I must end with a shout-out to The Baby Grocery Store. They graciously gifted us with a few items that made our farmhouse move oh-so-much-easier. 
Who needs a fridge for produce, when you have these great pouches from Plum Organics? My uptight nature ain’t worried about the mess. Each of the three little pigs enjoys his/her treats through a Sili Squeeze. Seriously, check these things out! I only wish I’d discovered them sooner. Don’t forget, faraway friends. You get free shipping, so head on over!

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  1. Congratulations! Aren’t the old stories about your house the best?! I am just so excited about your move into the farmhouse! We will continue to bath your family in prayer as you get settled in. Take care now, Peggy

  2. Reading about the farmhouse and its old wiring and leaks makes me think about the 100 + year old house I grew up in. Hardly any outlets whatsoever and the ones that we did have were halfway up the wall! A plus, though, was that every single room but the bathrooms had a fireplace! There’s something sweet about old, creaky, wooden floors and a house that his history and character. I’m happy for you guys and can’t wait to see more of the house!

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