We’re having TWINS?!

19 weeks & 1 day, according to my charting.
18 weeks & 6 days according to Naegele’s Rule.
We loaded all three boys in the backseat and headed to the doctor’s office.
Today was the day for the big ultrasound.
Goal #1 – Make sure this fourth and final baby is healthy.
Goal #2 – Make sure it’s a boy. We all secretly want a girl.
The boys were such troopers as we waited to be taken back. Have you ever seen so much testosterone in an OB/GYN office?
Lucas, “I want a girl. I think it’s a boy.”
Avery, “I want a boy. I think it’s a girl.”
I peed in a cup and had my blood pressure taken. It was a few points higher than normal. She stuck my finger, and my iron was low. That was odd, as I’ve never had anemia issues. But it runs in my family, and it’s common in pregnancy. So I tried to brush it off. We were then shown into the ultrasound room. It was dark and cozy. The lady looked at our boys and said, “I’m guessing you’re hoping for a girl? Well, I just had a family with three boys in here and their fourth is a girl, so maybe!”
She slathered the warm gel on my belly as I explained the concept to the boys. They soaked it up; this was their first ultrasound experience and they’re total science nerds. As she started, I told her about my recent lower abdominal pain and asked her to check for cysts or fibroids. Then I looked up and saw two round things on the screen, which I assumed was the head & belly of baby Kincaid #4. I said, “Oh and please make sure there’s only one in there. Not twins. Haha.” 
She looked at me and grabbed my arm and said, “Honey. There’s two in there.” She nodded ever so gently, almost solemnly…as if she was trying to read my reaction. “I’m serious. It’s twins.”
I knew it. I wasn’t even surprised for a full second or two. God WOULD pull something like that after I’ve been shouting, “FOURTH AND FINAL” from the rooftops. Chris pretty much dropped the camera and collapsed into the corner of the room, grin plastered and eyes bugging. The boys started pumping their fists in the air and hissing, “YESSSS.”
We quickly discovered the first (Baby A. We have a Baby A and a Baby B. OMG) baby was a girl. I saw that little hamburger sign right away, but I couldn’t even squeal from excitement because I was still in shock that there was another private part in there. This little hamburger thing has a SIBLING. A TWIN. 
And a short while later, we discovered another girl. Lord have mercy! It took her awhile, but the sweet ultrasound tech found a membrane between the two sacs, as well as two placentas. I don’t know much about multiples, but that means they’re fraternal. I’ll update as I learn more.
At one point, I said something like, “What am I supposed to do with a girl?” Right then, Baby A made her fingers into a gun and pointed them at Baby B’s head. “Nevermind,” I said. “They’ll do great with our boys.” Lucas was excited beyond words. He was talking a mile a minute. Avery tuned out when he found out that, much to his dismay, there were no boys in Momma’s belly.
We got a DVD and a whole bunch of pictures. They came out of the printer like an endless row of tickets at an arcade. I couldn’t stop laughing, all the while wiping tears from my eyes. So many emotions at one time.
I met with the doctor after one longggg ultrasound. He was fabulous. I was honest about my previous home birth and my desire to have a vaginal birth this time, and a natural one at that. I asked him to be gentle with me. He was very supportive as he told me his theory on twins and presentations, etc. I was relieved.
Then he cheerfully broke the news – I’m officially “high risk.” I never thought I’d see the day! I’ve got appointments every two weeks and an ultrasound every month from here on out. I met with a nurse who asked me sensitive questions about family history and genetic testing. Needless to say, I’ve got a whole new world of research & planning dive into. And I thought I’d read it all before now!
Our family and friends have been nothing but supportive over the last few hours. I’ve been in shock, but I’m thawing out a bit and getting excited. I’ve always wanted to know what it’s like to have a daughter. I just never thought I’d get the chance to do it twice at the same time. Goodness!
Stay tuned, y’all. This family of boys is having TWIN GIRLS!

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19 thoughts on “We’re having TWINS?!”

  1. OH MY GOSH!! I cannot believe it. How amazing, wonderful, and scarey. He doesn’t give you more than you can handle and this just goes to show you and Chris were made to parents to many!! What a wonderful Christmas surprise. I am so happy for y’all.

  2. Rachael, my twins are MZ (“identical”), and had one placenta and two amniotic sacs. (Actually to get really technical, one placenta, one chorion, two amnions.) (1) Make SURE there are two placentas. Get it confirmed at your next u/s. (2) Two placentas does NOT mean they are DZ (“fraternal”). It could mean they are MZ and the egg split early enough to give them two of everything. You will learn more about twins than you thought possible. (3) If my twins had had two placentas, I would not have personally considered myself high risk, and I would have homebirthed.

    Obvs the decision of whether or not to homebirth is all about YOUR comfort level. But with two placentas, there is no risk of cord entanglement, Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome (which mine had, so I would have risked out anyway), or basically any of the “scary twin” stuff you read about. Twins who each have their own placentas = basically siblings who happen to be gestating simultaneously in your uterus. I’ll link to a fairly useful site that explains twinning in an easy way http://www.baby2see.com/multiples/twins.html

    At any rate, if they have two placentas, enjoy a nice sigh of relief and then worry about taking care of YOU! That’s probably the hardest part. I drank Ensure and high-protein drinks daily to get enough protein in. Read Dr. Barbara Luke’s book — skip the scary parts, just focus on nutrition — called “When You’re Pregnant with Twins, Triplets, or Quads.” Ignore the scariness and embrace the excitement!

    Feel free to email me anytime when the dust settles!

  3. oh my goodness! our neighbors back home had twin girls after two boys. from the beginning, they’ve thrown each other around on the ground and into corners of furniture and they just get up, laugh, and go back at it. i’m sure they’ll be tough learning from big brothers. congratulations!

  4. Oh wow!! That is so amazing! Congrats. I am sure with 3 boys – they will have taught you enough to handle 2 girls!

    I just found your blog through trophy wife. Glad I did!! I picked a good day!

  5. I’m a newbie here, but I cannot help this: OH MY GOODNESS!! CONGRATS!! And two girls?!?! Wow, that is beyond an amazing gift. TWO GIRLS!!! I’m more thrilled for you, and I’m about to give birth to my second son, our second child, any day now! I can’t wait to meet these little angel… these beautiful, headband-wearing, cute-clothes-wearing, baby girls :)

  6. Racheal, I am SO overwhelmingly excited for you guys! Congratulations sweet little mama – what a double dose of joy this is for your family!!!

    Also, you guys should probably consider investing in a 15 passenger van or something now. hahaha I’m kidding ;)


  7. wow!
    i found you on instagram & noticed our similar families :) so i thought i would check out your blog. we truly are living semi-parallel lives. God bless ya! check out my boys adventureswiththeruckels.blogspot.com
    and if you need to vent or a truly sympathetic ear…

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