welcome to summer

We spent the early part of yesterday in a nearby town, one of the places in which I’d love to live someday. It’s full of old houses, historic sites, friendly people, and a small university downtown. It’s sort of hometown country meets culture & arts… My cup of tea.

Our breakfast at Chick-Fil-A ended up costing next to nothing, as they were giving out surprise free chicken biscuits. Ames had his first play place experience and we dumped the girls in for a quick photo opp. Isaiah Jane was not impressed.

We headed to the library in a nearby town after that, where a silly old magician told some jokes and pulled off a few illusions for the younger crowd. Each member of the Kincaid Parade was enrolled in a reading program. The boys already have their paperwork and a timer by their beds, to keep track of minutes and hours read. Prizes await!

Upon our exit from the library, the boys expressed that they were not ready to go home. We stumbled upon our local electricity company’s telephone museum, and boy are we glad we did! They had telephones from every decade, complete with the old repair trucks and operator desk set-ups. The big boys dialed each other over and over, plugging the in the cables as fast as lightning. Ames found joy in a payphone booth that worked for free. I hid around the corner chatting him up for a solid ten minutes.

We ate lunch at a sweet little joint that served meatloaf and cornbread and veggie plates. At one point, I looked over and Lucas was feeding Honor off of his plate. She had spit out all of the tomatoes and green beans I’d served her and was devouring his meatloaf. Isaiah Jane, meanwhile, seemed to prefer her fruits & veggies.

We walked off our food coma for another half hour or so and found a children’s museum to visit next week. We arrived home a short while later to discover that our front yard flowers have begun to bloom! What a perfect day for it, too. Miss Honor Rose matched.

The weather stayed in the sixties all day, approximately thirty degrees below normal. I’m not complaining! We kicked it off real nice-like. I’m kicking myself for not bringing my camera, but we had a blast. Happy Summer from the Kincaid Parade!

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  1. I know the place where you had lunch from the pics (I live sort of nearby) and I have to agree–it’s one of our favorites! Your family is so adorable!

  2. If you don’t mind sharing – where were those cool places? We are always looking for fun things to do with the kids that won’t cost us a fortune. We’re also always looking for good places to eat around here! : )

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