wee worship


I call our kids blessed, to watch them grow up in a musician’s home. Christopher finds a song in everything. There’s usually music filtering through the halls at some point or another, and the babies nap during their dad’s rehearsal time. Imagine the heavenly stuff taking place in those sweet little dreams! All of the kids enjoy singing along, but Ames in particular has developed a fondness for worship. He is most comfortable with a pair of drum sticks in hand and a spirit-filled tune on his lips.

Yesterday morning, I hurried Ames through the readying process and practically shoved him into the truck. I didn’t want to be late to women’s group, and I wasn’t in the mood for his chatter. One million and one things raced through my head as I fumbled with sunglasses and iPhone and  keys and all of the things. Per usual, Ames asked me to turn on some music before I’d even made it to the end of our driveway. I obliged, and my son began to sing one of his current favorites. He absolutely brought it. Grateful for a kid who knows how to minister to his Momma.

We can trust our God
He knows what He’s doing
Though it might hurt now
We won’t be ruined
It might seem there’s an ocean in between
But He’s holding on to you and me
And He’s never gonna leave, no
He is with us, He is with us
Always, always
He is with us, He is with us

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  1. don’t you love when little kids do that? that’s one of my favorite songs right now too. so good you have a little one that loves music and uses it to minister already!

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