we mothers don’t sit to eat.

Chris fussed at me yesterday morning, before he left for staff meeting. He asked me to stop folding laundry at the table. “Sit down and eat some breakfast. You know you’re gonna feel sick later if you don’t.” I just smiled and continued to fold. He doesn’t know what I know. He spends more solo-parent mornings with them than I do, but they’re different with him. Eventually, I moved on from laundry to a second breakfast for the girls and said goodbye to Chris.

I realized he was right about feeling sick, though, so I made my own breakfast after cleaning up the three little ones from theirs. I set them in front of PBS and sneaked back to the kitchen. It took only a few moments and a clank of my fork for them to learn what I was doing. Busted.

look at IJ’s mullet!

They flock like zombies. Or pitiful puppies who haven’t eaten in days. Or just… Kincaid babies. I seem to be raising the smallest, hungriest toddlers in town. I posted the above photo on Instagram and got some hilarious responses from you guys:

I eat standing over the sink.

I eat during naptime.

What is it about a mother sitting down?! Babies just can’t take it…

Yep! Mom life.

Needy twin mountain goats. I hide in the kitchen to eat while my husband is gone.

I’m not alone. Moms, we’re in this together! We will take back the kitchen table one day! Until then, it’s time to suck it up. Avoid eye contact, turn your head, and cram it in your mouth. Over the sink.

5 thoughts on “we mothers don’t sit to eat.”

  1. I thought it was just me! There is too much to do when the girls are confined to their chairs for a meal-refill their plates and cups, pick up dropped forks, wash dishes, use a couple minutes to throw in a load of laundry, etc. I never sit down to eat at the same time as them. But if I try to eat when they are playing, they just beg for my food, despite their full bellies. I stick to eating quietly over the sink or during nap time. I eat one meal a day sitting at the table, and that is supper. I’m so glad to know I’m not alone!

  2. Yep I totally eat standing up or during nap times, or when Scott comes home from work (he likes to hang out a bit before he eats) so I grab a bowl and quickly eat because he is entertaining Judah. Its the only way I can eat! Scott doesn’t understand, Judah is much more well behaved with him than he is with me.

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