we beat the morning

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I know we’ve talked about that yucky part of the afternoon where everyone runs out of activities and patience at the same time, and dinner is still an hour away. But lately, some mornings have proven just as tricky for us, depending on when the sisters wake up. We’re half-heartedly trying to get the girls to one nap a day, but they still need two on occasion. I recently spoke with a friend on this topic, on how frustrating it can become, to stimulate your toddler and still meet the needs of your younger babes. She expressed the desire to to tell the baby to suck it up, because they all needed to get out of the house… but then she felt guilty when he couldn’t hang and became fussy in the car. Sound familiar?

So yesterday, we got out. Chris took a few hours off and we walked to the park. We plopped the sisters into a swing and encouraged the tween and the tot to tear it up on the playground. The weather was perfect and the moods were bright. I long for the day that the sisters run around the park, chasing after their big brothers. But they seemed perfectly content to alternate swinging and snuggling for a solid hour. We arrived home just in time for lunch and naps for the three little pigs. Success!

One day, Chris & I will miss picking playground mulch out of baby girl diapers and later finding poop on our shirts. I swear we’ll miss it.

12 thoughts on “we beat the morning”

  1. my 14 month old is having trouble switching to the one nap schedule as well. trying to be flexible without losing patience over here, too! :)

    also- i used to walk to that little playground with my friend susanna when she lived down the street from it! small world ;)

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