we are thankful.

A week ago today, we had Thanksgiving dinner with our best friends.
Five couples. Six kids. One meal. Tradition is so sweet.
David & Lorean recently welcomed Micah Lyric in to their family. Read the scoop here. Lorean is our resident birth marathon-er… Micah took her sweet time and finally arrived after 60+ hours. We had Thanksgiving at their house this year. The host family always does the turkey… Last year, we hosted. Ames was about the same age as Micah, merely weeks old. We actually found it easier to prepare because we were already up every few hours anyway!
I’ll add more pics when I get them from our pals, but here are just a few.

In attendance this Thanksgiving:
David & Lorean, with Micah Lyric.
Nicole & Peter, with Magnolia Louise.
April & Chris, with Ethne Rain.
Jessica & Jay (baby time, ASAP).
Rachael & Christopher, with Lucas Grey/Christopher Avery/Ames Emmanuel/#4.
I am so thankful to be able to share my life with these folks.

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