voting & all that jazz

Last week, I read this article and was pretty moved. It’s true – this voting thing is nothing more than a popularity contest. I’ve even mentioned it on here, when asking for votes. 
The truth is, being on sites like these does increase traffic to your blog. It does help you meet other bloggers and sponsors. It does pave the way for new ideas, creativity & inspiration, and better writing. 
But the daily voting & quarterly resetting (happening as we speak) of TopBabyBlogs has worn me out. Katherine’s article gave me the push I needed to make a decision – I will no longer be begging you guys for votes. Not here, not on Twitter, & not on Facebook. Instead, I’ll let you know when the votes reset, and I will leave the link up on the side of the blog for you to vote whenever you want to show your support. I can only hope this blog has enough substance to keep itself afloat. We’ll see! Thanks for your votes, your comments, your emails, your tweets – all of it!

5 thoughts on “voting & all that jazz”

  1. Lil momma, your blog definitely has enough substance to keep itself afloat. I just love your sweet blog so full of cuteness and honesty. Keep it up!

  2. I love that, Rachael! Your blog is great and will have no problem keeping itself afloat.

  3. i LOVE that approach! i’ve always had a disdain for voter based contests online, especially on sites that allow people to harass their way to a win. i never really got that vibe from you, but i still think the idea of letting your blog do the nudging itself (for the most part – i still need reminders about when and where i can vote, haha!) is great! :)

  4. Well done you. I JUST got approved on Top Baby Blogs, and then I read this post and I’m like, “yeah, actually…”

    I think your approach is a good one, and I’m so glad I read this soon enough to be convicted about it and make a decision to take a similar approach myself before driving my readers insane with “Vote for Me!” campaigns.

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