twenty weeks + a thrifty threads challenge

Well, here we are… halfway there!

at breakfast this morning…
tee, Gap maternity // hand-me-down
leggings, Forever21 // thrifted

Is it too early to say I’m ready for July?
Because I’ve been ready for July since about… December.

I haven’t posted weekly updates or a lot of bump photos, pretty much for the same shameful reason. I’m embarrassed to answer the how have you been feeling question. It’s bad, y’all. I’m not sure why, since I’ve never dealt with these specific symptoms before. I also never thought a pregnancy could more difficult or uncomfortable than the sisters’. I was very, very wrong.

For starters, I’ve had a cold since the first week of January. Not my typical pregnancy congestion issues. I’ve got a full-blown cold, and it hasn’t let up at all. I’m also having some wicked painful circulation problems in my legs, complete with varicose veins and numbness and throbbing. I’ve never struggled with this before, and it literally takes up chunks of my day… I brainstorm ways to make my legs stop hurting and what in the heck am I going to wear this summer if I can’t show my legs? And then just this week, the itching started. I wake up each morning with scratches on my arms from the night. I’ve started sleeping in long pants and long sleeves, which only makes the sweating worse.

Glamorous, right? I told you, it’s bad. I’ve always prided myself on being a hardy pregnant woman. I made it full-term with both Ames and the sisters, while working full-time. I’ve been blessed with straightforward pregnancies, the kind that progress normally without complications. Puking my brains out and soaking my soreness away in the bathtub are literally the extent of my gestational woes. This time, I’m licking my wounds and feeling a bit down in the dumps, like my body and my spirit are failing me this time around.

I know that I’m busy with a lot on my plate, and that I’ve been pregnant a lot in a short amount of time, and that every pregnancy is different. That doesn’t make the suffering any easier. So for the sake of flying my usual blogger banner of being transparent and vulnerable, I’m letting y’all in on a bit of what my husband sees every day. I’m discouraged. I hate complaining and feeling ungrateful. I’m ready to feel better, inside & out. I promise, this is the first and the last of my pregnancy lament!

To jumpstart myself out of this funk, I’ve given myself a little thrifty threads challenge…
no buying new clothes for Momma in 2013.

I toyed around with the idea back in the fall, after reading about friends’ and other bloggers’ similar quests. But then I thought about how much self-control that would take, and what will it look like if I go back on my word to the whole Internet? But January came, and I made it a month. And then another month. And then I gave in and went shopping for leggings at two stores, to no avail. I stopped by the thrift store on the way home and promptly found two pairs. Thanks, Jesus! I can totally do this.

To get through the rest of this pregnancy, I’ll combine my current wardrobe with thrifted pieces, Instagram shop goodies, and my friends’ hand-me-downs. After that, I’ll just sort through what I have and make things work while my body does its postpartum thing and the year comes to a close. I’m excited about the time and money this will free up for the ever-changing wardrobes of these growing kids of mine. It will also inspire force a bit of creativity on my end, something that doesn’t always come naturally to me.

Send me your IG shop links!
Send me your pregnancy relief stories!
Happy Monday.

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  1. Hey you poor thing – pregnancy can be hard work! It’s amazing that this one is harder than a twin preg!.
    I have to say that my 5th preg was WAY harder than the others too… I was thinking because I was 10 years older than the first one… maybe..
    Just a note about your itching – check it isn’t due to cholestosis – a liver condition in pregnancy.. There is a slight chance of it.. I happened to get it checked during my girl pregnancy, and it was positive which gave me a bit of a shock. I just couldn’t NOT mention it after reading about your itching!
    Take care! Your bump is beautiful. Go thrifty all the way!

  2. I am sorry you feel rotten, but I can help with the itching at least. You need to get some Emu Oil. Completely benign, harmless to everyone including babies and pregnant women. Be forewarned it is not cheap–probably $17.00 for 8 or 10 ounces, BUT a tiny bit goes a very long way. I use it to ease eczema and two or three drops will completely cover a whole hand or arm. A quarter teaspoon would grease up a whole leg and it feels so so so so so so soothing. Look for it at places like GNC, The Vitamin Store, Earth Fare, health food stores, etc. You will not believe how quickly it will make the scratches heal.

  3. This sounds like a fun challenge! I may have to do it along with you. I’m 30 weeks pregnant, sooo it may be fun to try with inbetween pre and post pregnancy clothes. haha Praying you start to feel better!!


  4. I’m sorry you’re feeling bad. Just remember, it is temporary. If my baby had lived, I would be holding a newborn in 4 weeks. Just thinking about it sucks. At least yours is kicking, rolling, punching. Mine never even got the chance. I am not trying to be bitter or make you feel bad in any way, just hoping to put a bit of perspective to the itchiness. I’d do anything to be miserably pregnant right now.

  5. I’m sorry Rachael! Yep been there, done that! and a friend of mine who has had 13 pregnancies recommends emu oil as well. I’ll be praying for you… it may have been a few years but I still remember what it was like.

    1. OH and the thrifted clothes challenge…. awesome way to go! We did this even with the boys up until a couple of years ago. The eldest (at 19) is now back to scouring the thrift stores for “cool” clothes… the other two simply wait until there are sales/clearances. Good luck!

  6. Aw you poor thing. I wasn’t super active or in front of the camera a lot when I was pregnant. I just wasn’t that kind of prego momma for similar reasons as yours. Once baby is about 3 months, you’ll start to feel like your old self again and baby will start to get into the groove of things too =)

  7. I’m having a hard time (mostly mentally) with this pregnancy also. It’s my 3rd and all my children will be 21 months apart. Not quite as close as you but still rather close together. I usually try not to beat myself up about the weigth gain. My body tends to hold onto EVERYTHING regardless of how I eat so it’s usually not very pretty by the end. I also loose it relatively quickly (within about 3 months pp) but I’ve been feeling rather discouraged lately. Sigh. Not too much longer till July!!

  8. grace grace grace mama. you are allowed to complain every once in a while. it’s ok to admit when it’s tough. everybody deserves to wallow, even if it’s just for a brief moment and then you can move on. ;) besides being honest doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re complaining. sometimes it’s just being honest and everyone needs to hear that pregnancy isn’t always roses and glowing women. sometimes that glow is more of a sweaty sheen. :) and you look beautiful, as usual! love you!

  9. Ah- I feel for you! I just had my second and I was miserable pretty much my entire pregnancy. Praying for relief and rest for you, mama.

  10. I can totally relate to your circulation woes. I am 35 weeks pregnant with my first and this pregnancy has totally destroyed the veins in my leg. I’m trying not to get caught up on it because ultimately it’s just a sacrifice for a healthy babe we will soon meet, but it’s really hard to be 27 and feel like your days of wearing shorts are over. Varicose veins are no fun…I hope it’s somewhat comforting knowing you aren’t alone in it :) Best of luck with the remainder of your pregnancy!

  11. My uniform for this last pregnancy was a stretchy maxi skirt over my belly and a knotted up tee or tank. I had three skirts I rotated with different tops. I didn’t even care if it was boring. It was comfy,kept me cool, and felt flattering. I think the only thing I ended up buying was undergarments and a dress for a wedding.

    And much grace to you!

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