triage take two

the sisters are coming.
Yesterday, Chris & I had a fantastic date night. The big boys stayed with their mom & Sunshine picked Ames up after we put in a hardcore park session. [Side note: Check out Ames’ outfit. Chris dressed him up like a tourist.]
Chris & I sobered up from the sun, listened to loud music, and went out for sushi & ice cream. 
The only downer – contractions every few minutes. Not the annoying, tight feeling to which I’ve grown so accustomed, but the way I felt when I labored with Ames – the “CALL MY MIDWIFE & MY MAMA” kind of contraction.
It started before dinner. After a few hours, we decided to call the doctor. I really just wanted some feedback. Should I do the drink-water-&-take-a-bath thing? Should I try to sleep it off? After all, I already had an appointment scheduled for this morning. And the last time I was checked, things were only progressing in my uterus – not down South. 
But then there’s the part where I’m no longer a candidate for a vaginal birth. Otherwise, I’d just take it as warm-up labor and settle in for a long wait. But how far dilated am I supposed to be this time, only to be told I’m going to be sectioned regardless? All of this has been a bit frustrating for me, so I figured I’d at least call and talk to a nurse. As chance would have it, the savvy English midwife was on-call. She said, “Love. I know you’re a tough cookie. You had a baby at home. I’d feel better if you’d come on in.”
We were on the couch watching TV when I told Chris what she said. He asked, “Can we finish this episode first?” Then he went upstairs to change clothes, “into something comfy…in case you make me stay there all night.” The man keeps me laughing almost constantly. I am so thankful for him.
At the hospital, I apologized profusely – to Chris, the triage nurse, to the midwife, to the OB… I’m sorry I’m here! I have a feeling I’m not dilating. I know that contractions don’t equal labor. I’m sorry I’m taking up space & resources! I’m sorry I have to pee and need you to take me off the monitor. I’m sorry I have two babies inside, and it’s harder to find their heart beats on the monitor! I’m sorry it hurts to lie still and even worse to lie back for you to check me. I’m sorry I can’t talk right now because I’m contracting and need to breathe! Eventually, though, I just shut up. I went to labor land. I was sitting on the birth ball in my old bedroom, waiting for Ames to make his arrival
That’s when the staff suggested to keep me overnight. I was contracting regularly every 3-4 minutes –  pacing, deep-breathing, etc. However, I was only 1cm dilated. They offered me a room, IV fluids, and medications to help me sleep & give my uterus a break. The OB kept saying things like, “If it’s labor, it’s not going to stop. Nature is going to do her thing. I just want you to rest up, and I don’t want to be hasty.” I was appreciative of her conservative approach, but the thought of staying overnight (only to be sent home) was discouraging. I settled into a room after sending Chris home around midnight. I wanted him to get rest and be there for the kids. He said the only thing he cares about is one of the twins being born before midnight, and one after… so that they’ll have different birthdays.

Thankfully, I was able to avoid an IV, as well as medications. I was hooked up to the monitor and had to get the nurse to readjust it almost hourly, so that I could use the restroom. Oh, and I couldn’t eat or drink “just in case.” Arghhh. Throughout the night, the contractions spaced out a bit. By the time I left this morning, they were about 6 minutes apart and have remained as such since. The physician on-call encouraged me to get to my appointment and come up with a plan with my OB, as she knew we had already set a scheduled c-section date for this coming Monday. My doctor even called me this morning from his office to check on me, which I appreciated. 
I just met with him and things are still progressing, albeit slowly. Mamas with multiples have been known to labor like this for weeks prior to delivery. But once again, there’s the whole double-breech thing. Everyone agreed another late-night triage trip is not going to benefit anyone. I’m exhausted, I’m not eating well, and I’m still getting over a head cold. My OB is on-call tomorrow, and we’re going to re-evaluate in the morning. Until then, I’m to get as much rest as possible and continue to monitor my contractions.
At this point, nothing would surprise me. One of them could flip. One of them could be a boy. My contractions could stop completely. I could be 10cm dilated by lunchtime. There could be three babies in there.
So here we are. We are at the end. I am going to meet the sisters soon. It feels really good to say that. God has his hand on this family & on this birth. I can rest in the fact that he’s planned their arrival down to the second. Thank you all for your support! We will keep you updated as things develop.

10 thoughts on “triage take two”

  1. They’ll be here SO SOON! It’s almost time!

    Katie said she loved the English midwife :) Can’t believe y’all were there at the same time!

    You still look great, girl. You are an inspiration to all preggos everywhere – inside and out!

  2. Will be thinking of you. My doctor has given me specifics..she won’t induce anyone that wants a vback (me), so if I go into labor on my own before 41 weeks, I’m cool. If I hit 41 and nothing’s happened, my arse is grass and they’re sectioning me. I’m not happy about it, but it least it’s something to hope for. Looks like you’ve got a lot of great help on your side, and I know you’ll be just fine. Get some rest, and I’ll look forward to baby pictures, and the name release in a little while!

  3. I’m excited to hear about the girls’ birth story and what cool names they’re going to have! They’ve picked a beautiful week to grace Earth with their presence! Congrats to you, good luck, and prayers sent your way! :)


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