thrifty threads…Sunday School style

Last night, I laid out today’s clothes for the three littles. Remember, I’m on my own with all five kiddos on Sunday mornings. Efficiency is key! As I selected items from closets, I noticed that several pieces are vintage, thrifted, or bought on clearance “Clarence,” as Chris calls it. I decided to snap some photos & share their outfits with y’all this afternoon! Of course, I couldn’t leave the big boys out. They dress themselves, of course, and I love that they’re starting to develop a sense of style. Their creativity & expression is starting to blossom, and it’s so much fun to watch! Anyway, here’s a Sunday edition of the Kincaid Parade:
Honor Rose
headband – made by Momma
vintage dress – Momma’s from babyhood
bloomers – taken from IJ’s dress set
Isaiah Jane
headband – made by Momma
vintage dress – Momma’s from babyhood
bloomers – Carter’s
Lucas Grey
striped polo – Shaun White
cargo shorts – Cherokee
shoes – Nike Dunks, Momma’s from high school
Ames Emmanuel
octopus polo – Crazy8
cut-offs – Levi’s, thrifted
shoes – Keen
Christopher Avery
gray heathered tee – Old Navy
cargo shorts – Cherokee
shoes – Crazy8


Shirts become stretched and shorts become stained, but a good pair of shoes will last forever. Wonder where we put our money, when buying for the kids? I try to sprinkle at least one “nice” or name brand item into the outfit, and it’s usually in the footwear department. We forked over the cash for a toddler-sized pair of sturdy Keen sandals, and they’ve more than paid for themselves this summer. Ames can wear them with almost any outfit, in or out of water. A pair of collector’s Nikes (even hand-me-downs) gives Lucas a sense of pride and responsibility. You should see the way he babies those things. Avery? Avery just likes being able to look down at animals, especially scary & dangerous creatures of the sea.

When it comes to the big boys, we stay away from clothes with graphics. These items tend to become dated very quickly, and we can’t afford seasonal shopping sprees! We simply add in pieces along the way, as a need arises. And anytime we’re at a store that’s running a “two for” deal on solid tees, we load up.

My mom likes to tease I don’t like to match. I always correct her – it’s not that I don’t like to match. I just prefer to complement & coordinate. Isaiah Jane’s accompanying bloomers happened to match the pink flowers in Honor’s dress – so onto Honor they went (say that ten times fast). Isaiah Jane is our pink & purple girl, so why not throw some basic purple under her pink frock? Not one part of Lucas’ outfit technically matches another. He’s got a lot going on – white, two shades of gray, navy, & plum. But I think he looks very put together & handsome! The ladies sure seem to think so. OH MY GOSH, MIDDLE SCHOOL IS COMING.

Happy Sunday, y’all.
I’m off to nap… night shift is coming! Night shift is coming!

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  1. I love that the girls are wearing your dresses, that is beautiful. I am so sentimental about clothing so moments like these are so special!! Good tips Mama!

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