thrifty threads, out for sushi

I came off of three night shifts and crashed pretty hard. There is definitely a learning curve when it comes to this reverse sleep thing. I wasn’t getting enough rest during the day, and I ended up feeling nauseous and yucky at work. We decided to delay our trip to Asheville by a day so I could catch up on sleep. I snoozed all day Wednesday, waking up every now & then to feed babies and eat a little bit myself. We decided to take advantage of Sunshine’s babysitting skills and grab a quick late night date night after putting the babies to bed. Where do you think we went?
Trying his best to look silly, but he’s just so stinkin’ handsome.
Hat – Penguin, purchased at TJ Maxx.
Tee – GAP, during a “two-for” deal.
Cut-offs – Lucky Brand Jeans, beloved & threadbare by now.
Sneakers – Vans, bought online. Black Friday = stress-free sale shopping!

Trying my best to look sassy & put-together. Neither is very accurate.
Scarf – Unknown, but I wear it forever & always.
Earrings – Claire’s. I scored one day when all sale items were a dollar!
Top – Old Navy. I always dig through those racks in the back.
Pants – GAP. Y’all, their sales are ridiculous.
Wedges – Bongo. Dept store on clearance Clarence for five bucks!
Woven bag – thrifted
A lady passed by and offered to take a photo of us, telling us to do something crazy. Aforementioned lady is apparently one of those hold-the-camera-horizontally-and-capture-a-lot-of-sky types. Those are the same photographers who don’t use the auto-focus option. But it’s okay! Bless her heart.

Little-known fact: I never paint my toenails. 
I get all caught up in the chipping/yellowing/etc.
I prefer to keep them neatly trimmed & neutral.
Words with Friends. Username: ONEAMAZINKID
He will most likely beat you…just warning you!
Happy Sunday to you! 

I’m going to try & take a nap before kicking off another three nights of work.

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  1. cute cute cute!

    love his vans, love the scarf in your hair, love sushi ;)

    his cutoffs remind me of all my old pairs that got tossed by my mom one summer in college…tragedy.

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