thrifty threads: my little heartthrob.

he’s a rockstar…
Check out my guitars “terrarrs,” Momma.
Beanie – Unknown (belongs to Chris)
Long-sleeved tee – BuyBuyBaby
Plaid shirt – Crazy 8
Black skinny jeans – Baby Gap (girls, eBay)
Slip-ons – Crazy 8
This kid loves music almost as much as he loves food. He has an impeccable sense of rhythm.
I can’t bring myself to spend big on babies. 
Extra cash in the clothing department? It’s going to Momma & Daddy!

This outfit totaled less than $20, thanks to eBay and gift cards and sales (oh my).
I try to make items last as long as possible. 
For example, the plaid shirt (6-12mos) is layered on a 2T tee.

I’m adamant about the kids looking decent when they leave the house.
I guess you could call it a “big family complex.” Determined to beat the stereotype.
No ill-fitting hand-me-downs. No crusty faces. No waffle smells.
EDIT: Just as soon as my fingers typed the above words, Ames asked to sit in my lap…

His face is covered in dried oatmeal, and he smells like… pee.
But we are not going out, so it does not count.

5 thoughts on “thrifty threads: my little heartthrob.”

  1. My daughters have an ability to hide food on their faces. I will scrub those little chins and cheeks, but the minute we get into a store or church, there’s the crusted on soymilk or oatmeal. Every time.

    I also stretch the girls’ clothes. They have a ton of dresses that are size 6-9 and 9-12 months and I just put them over leggings or pants, like a shirt or tunic. Short sleeved summer jammies are worn with a long sleeve onesie underneath or a bathrobe over top.

  2. I stretch clothing too – too short dresses become tunics over leggings and skinny jeans, too small skirts look cute over leggings and tights for the Fall/Winter. Luckily, my aunt has a daughter who is one month older then Gianna but is about 5 inches taller! Lol! So she passes on TONS of clothing to Gianna, most barely worn and all name brand. I’m so blessed! Gianna’s wearing all Gap and Old Navy jeans this year for FREE! Thank God!

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