thrifty threads: maternity + tot style

I asked Chris to snap a few photos after I spent a fun morning with the kiddos at a local park. Ames Emmanuel, always the entertainer, couldn’t help himself and jumped right into the party. Hey, the more the merrier for this not-so-fashion blogger. Friends who have blessed me with clothes, let me know if you recognize one of your pieces!


tank, Old Navy // hand-me-down
skirt, brand unknown  // clothing swap
sandals, Saltwater // Amazon
makeup, none. hair, day-six-dirty.

tee, American Apparel // thrifted
shorts, Z. Cavaricci // Burlington Coat Factory
sandals, Saltwater // eBay

I’ve never been super pregnant in the warm months, and I’m still not exactly sure how to dress these poor legs. We appear to be headed into a spring & summer full of maxi skirts, so please send me any across which you stumble! Don’t forget, I’m on a quest to stick to second-hand items for the entire year. Cheers to a sweaty third trimester!

10 thoughts on “thrifty threads: maternity + tot style”

  1. I love your effortlessly cool style AND the fact that this isn’t a fashion blog. It’s refreshing to read a woman’s blog that’s not all about clothes and more about family and the human spirit (both the highs and the lows)! I’m also loving all the posts this week. I check in on your blog daily and love reading your posts!

  2. So, I guess it’s not technically second-hand, but I got an awesome maxi skirt at Target for like $15 recently. It’s a purple chevron type pattern, and the fold over top makes it perfect for maternity and afterward. Just a suggestion :)

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