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I know. A little late, right? The night before Hadassah came, Chris & I went out for the evening. He snapped a few photos of my threads, and I’m gonna write about it! Even if that means the baby pictured is now earthside, nursing as I type.

Towards the end of my pregnancy, I found that I couldn’t eat a real meal after about 5pm. I ended up feeling full and miserable into the wee hours of the morning, which affected my already-troubled sleep. So instead, I’d eat a big lunch and then snack all afternoon and evening. I usually took a granola bar to bed (I know) and woke up feeling much better.

So when Chris asked me if he could take me on one last date night before this baby came, I got a little nervous. When he suggested our favorite sushi spot, I got even more nervous. I didn’t want to waste the gas and the money and the babysitter on an evening spent staring at him gorging on yummy things while I picked at a cucumber salad.

We made it work, though! We ate early and then walked it all off running a few errands, one of which included a stop at the Aveda store. I indulged in travel-sized bottles of all of my favorite products, for my hospital stay. In fact, I had my bag’s contents all laid out to photograph for another post when I went into labor, but one after-the-fact post is enough… right?

So date night was wonderful. I wore heels (okay, wedges) and rode in the Suburban’s new jump seat (rollin’ eight deep now, y’all) and finished my entire meal and fell a little more in love with the sweet man I get to call my husband. And little did I know, my daughter would be in my arms less than twenty-four hours later.

striped top, Derek Heart // closet_raiders IG shop
red tank, Target // older than dirt
skinny jeans, Gap maternity // hand-me-down
tan wedges, Bongo // older than dirt
eyeglasses // Harvey Gant
bracelets // vintage + Stella & Dot
watch // Michael Kors
handbag // Kate Spade

11 thoughts on “thrifty threads: maternity style, the-date-night-before-baby”

  1. So stinkin cute. So glad you guys got one last date in before your sweet babe came. And from this soon-to-be first time mama, please still post your hospital essentials! Inquiring minds want to know what you find useful :)

  2. Another soon-to-be first time mama here who would love to see what was in your hospital bag. Although I am already going to use the Aveda travel sized products idea. Aveda is one of the things I give up when not working (previously for grad school, now for moving/having a baby) so I can imagine it will feel very indulgent for that first post-baby shower! Glad you guys got a date night before the big day!

    1. I remember that feeling well. Most of my last trimester was spent in scrubs and pajamas. I rallied for a night, but don’t you think for a second that I wore fun outfits on the regular ;)

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