thrifty threads: closing day

I finally located the camera in a moving box, buried safely in a crib sheet. Thanks, whichever sweet friend of ours did that on moving day! When I got it plugged it in, I couldn’t help but smile at the photos from the evening we closed on the farmhouse. We brought all of the kids over to hang out while we entertained guests – a chimney inspector, a security system sales rep, a cleaning crew, and our realtor.

These shots of Ames Emmanuel were my favorite, by far…

wolf hooded tee: Babies R Us
green jeans: Baby Gap
grey sneakers: Converse, Nordstrom Rack
*all items bought on clearance

8 thoughts on “thrifty threads: closing day”

  1. You are so lucky to find Cons on clearance! I just ordered yellow ones for my little girls yesterday. They cost a fortune, but I could only find 1 place online that had them in their size, and I was set on yellow. Maybe I shouldn’t be so picky next time.

    1. It’s okay to be picky! Those things last forever. We’ve bought two pairs at full price and they’ve made it through all three little pigs.

  2. Congratulations on your new home. We’ve only bought once (our current home) and after going through the process we can honestly say we hope we never have to do it again! I hope the same for you! :)

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