thrifty threads: a toddler three-in-one

Ames usually wins the award for the best-dressed in our family. Because he can’t argue yet and we buy almost all of his clothes second-hand, we can afford to have fun with his outfits.
As I’ve mentioned before, we try not to interfere with the big boys’ developing tastes & preferences when it comes to clothes. However, Chris recently called an audible on a particular choice that involved brown on navy on black. As we hung out in Ames’ room and got him dressed, we discussed acceptable combinations of the aforementioned colors. Our family tends to break a lot of traditional fashion rules, and I’m okay with that. Who knew that in addition to religion and politics, you can teach your kids whatever you want them to know about clothes?!

Clashing Patterns
Driver’s cap – Gap
Cardigan – Nordstrom*
Pants – The Children’s Place*
Saddle oxfords – Stride Rite*

Black on Brown
Tee – Old Navy*
Jeans – Old Navy*
 Sandals – Salt Water, eBay
Stripes on Stripes on Stripes on Stripes
Driver’s cap – Target
Rugby shirt – Ralph Lauren*
Blue tee – Crazy8
Shorts – vintage*
Sneakers – Chuck Taylor*
* thrifted

[I use the word loosely, simply to mean that I bought it used. I shop at two specific thrift stores, church rummage sales, & consignment shops.]

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