thrifty threads: a chilly stroll

Autumn is our best (and shortest) season. Carolinians welcomed it with a bang this week, with temps in the low fifties! We celebrated by digging out some of our winter duds and taking a walk through the neighborhood. Chilled to the bone after only twenty minutes, our fun was short-lived… but fun nonetheless!

Hats: handmade, Jude’s Cure
Jackets: thrifted, on separate occasions!
Babylegs: c/o Babylegs + hand-me-downs
Boots: thrifted, on separate occasions!

The thrill of finding matching twin items at thrift stores on different days is unlike any other. Just sayin’.
Happy Friday!

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5 thoughts on “thrifty threads: a chilly stroll”

  1. Yes, it has been cold here in the Carolinas this past week. I couldn’t believe how cold it was last weekend. We thought Fall jackets would do but had to turn around before we got to the car to go dig out Winter coats.

    Loving their outfits. The hats are too cute!

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