three things.

Congratulations, Deanna
You won a Primary tee from Snug Attack
Email me so we can get you set up.
Steppin’ Out in Thrifty Threads.
Chris & I went to a friend’s wedding last night.  It was beautiful, the food was delicious, and my dress had pockets! I got it this summer at Gap. Thanks to their amazing sales, it ran me about ten bucks. I picked up the shoes yesterday at Kohl’s, on clearance as well! Linking up to Harper’s Happenings.

You don’t have to love Jesus to get hit in the face with this truth…
“Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life?” Gonna make this my mantra for the week. Wait… Can Christians use the word, “mantra?”

If you’re not in the Carolinas today, you’re sorta missing out. 
The foliage is beautiful… It seriously makes my stomach flip.
Y’all have a great Sunday!

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  1. My daughter has that dress! It’s super cute and makes me wish we were the same size. I got it for her for her birthday, and she’s worn it on several occasions, from dressy to casual.

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