thirsties giveaway *CLOSED*

We are big Thirsties fans around here! Their products have proven foolproof for us. They don’t leak, and they’ve lasted us our entire cloth-diapering career. At this point, they cover three baby’s bums and are still holding strong!
Thanks to a close friend, the girls are enjoying a couple of new duo wraps (seen on Isaiah Jane in honeydew). These covers fit perfectly over fitted diapers and come in two sizes. The sisters should be able to wear them for several months! (Honor is wearing a traditional diaper cover in white.)
Thirsties was kind enough to send us a couple of duo hemp prefolds & diaper covers in butter. I’d never used their prefolds before, but I was excited to try them – I even tested them on Ames right away, before the sisters arrived. I immediately fell in love with the soft jersey fabric. The hemp’s antimicrobial properties & lightweight layering make for healtheir bums and faster drying time. I liked these diapers so much I was instantly ready to buy more. Well, remember that sweet friend who bought us the duo wraps? Wouldn’t you know… her gift to the sisters also included two of these badboys. Hallelujah!

 According to Thirsties, the traditional sized covers seem to work better over prefolds. I have found this to be true as well. In addition to their website, Thirsties offers a catalog of their products to be downloaded or sent to you for free. Also, check them out on Facebook! As for the fun part…
Thirsties is giving one of YOU
a duo hemp prefold & diaper cover!
To enter, leave your name & email address below.
I’ll draw a winner May 14. Thanks!

71 thoughts on “thirsties giveaway *CLOSED*”

  1. The Giveaway ends on my Birthday and what a gift it would be to win! We are in the market for a few new diapers as a few of the second hand ones we were given are begining to wear out. Fingers crossed!

  2. As a fan of prefolds, I think I need this in my stash for my Turkey Baby coming in November!

    Still loving your blog and sisters updates! Happy One Month to all of you!! <3

  3. Pick me :) I’m having a daughter in July and we are cloth diapering. I’m excited!!! We decided to CD after our first son because of all the waste it made.

  4. I’m three weeks away from being a first time mother and from all the research I’ve done, Thirsties is as good as it gets! I’ve got enough to get me through the first few months, but heaven knows, more will be needed!

    Happy Mothers Day!!!

  5. Oooh! I love Thirsties diaper covers! I love their leg gussets…they hold in everything! :) I’ve never tried their prefolds before and would love to be able to try them out on my son!

    Sarah Hull
    SHull2319 at gmail dot com

  6. Thirsties is definitely an awesome company! I recommend them to my friends all the time.

    Maia G
    mk_mitchell90 at hotmail dot com

  7. here’s another entry for the thirsties giveaway! not sure if it’s a one time or daily thing, but either way… i’m holdin’ out! ;)

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