third trimester lifesavers

In honor of hitting full-term today (!!!), I figured I’d take a moment to share some of my most beloved items from the third trimester…

bananas. I’ve never in my life enjoyed the fruit as much as I do now. I dip it in peanut butter for a snack (also a new thing; I’ve always snubbed my nose at that stuff). I blend it into milkshakes. And recently, I will look for any opportunity to consume banana nut bread.
bravado. With each pregnancy, I’ve noticed a late-stage aversion to the wire in most bras. My ribs ache and I sort of feel like I’m drowning anyway, so the stretchy (yet supportive) fabric of a soft-cup bra is a welcomed relief. Medela’s products also work beautifully for nursing and adjusting cup size throughout the day, during the postpartum period.*

rhoid balm. Don’t barf! It’s so much more than what you’re thinking. This stuff is amazing. Read the ingredients! It soothes everything from cracked dry skin to boo-boo’s to… the obvious. Motherlove makes some amazing goodies!*

media.  Pinterest. Novels by Mary Kay Andrews. Family video game night. I’m apparently pretty good at the Price is Right on the Playstation! It just feels really good to give myself space and time and permission to relax these days.

root beer. I’ve found a can of this goodness makes the perfect late-night dessert, when I get a craving for something sweet but I’m still feeling full from dinner and contracting every few minutes and gagging at the idea of actually eating something.

passion 2013. My entire family is crazy about this record, and we’re never far from it. In the car, in Daddy’s studio, or on YouTube… the parade is forever dancing around and shouting out the lyrics to these life-giving tunes. Never in my life have I been so grateful for such noise.

What about you? What got you through your last few weeks of pregnancy?

* These companies sent me their products in exchange for an honest review, which you’ve now read!

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  1. I like having comfy clothes that when I look in the mirror I don’t think I look enormous in… Even though I might look huge to everyone else at least if I don’t think/feel huge my day is 50% better : )

  2. Need more ideas! Hit 38 weeks on Monday and am cranky! And tired! I know what doesn’t help the last weeks, my husband annuncing on Tuesday he invited his entire division to our July 4th BBQ. Excuse me? Our what?!? Didn’t know we were having one. Oh, he just invited the street too! He trying to make me go with the flow by pushing me over the edge ;)

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