things i’m clickin’ this week.

Sign up for the Kate Spade surprise sales, y’all. I scored the cutest business card holder for dirt cheap last time! Or rather, I sent my husband multiple pictures and links until he scored it for me.

The #JCLA stream is archived and available for the next month. Do yourself a favor and check out the worship. If you only have time for one thing, though, watch Christa Black’s talk.

I’m really into my new glasses. Actually, I’m really into Firmoo in general. It was such a simple, hassle-free, and affordable process.

The SheReadsTruth app dropped and it is absolutely nothing short of life-changing.

I listened to this story on the way to work one morning and was moved. Isn’t this the way to communicate through conflict and experience growth in most areas of life? We could all do with a little less armor.

Several gardening books and small farm guides are en route to my house, thanks to this neat article on Mother Earth News‘ 2014 Homesteaders of the Year.

I watched this video at church, surrounded by middle and high school students, and promptly burst into tears. Women’s bodies are absolutely amazing.

A retired photographer recently found a decades-old collection of his work while cleaning out his storage unit, and I am thankful that he did.

Just in case you forgot the kind of Jesus I follow and the kind of church I call home, you can read more about the idea here – none of us deserve to be here anyway.

Try to watch this without smiling. As someone who’s been accused of having no sense of humor, this guy did the trick for me.

You know the topic of postpartum depression is near and dear to my heart, and Katherine is a champion for it. CNN recently did a piece on her work and I couldn’t be more excited for what her voice is doing.

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