the wonder of Wunderlist.


While on toddler potty patrol at Trader Joe’s last night, I posted this silly selfie with a plug for my favorite task-making app. Several of you are already fans, but many of you asked questions about the gem known as Wunderlist. Let’s talk!

Wunderlist is a list-making app that allows you to sync with other users. Chris & I keep several between our phones, with categories like Out and About and Target and Honey-do. There’s even Daddy Dreamin’, a place for him to throw out all of his wild ideas about music projects and gear. When something gets checked off the list, it notifies the other user. I’ve even brought the big boys on board, with a Commissions list for weekly chores. They don’t necessarily refer to the list to help them remember, but we all leave each other goofy notes on each task and it keeps us on the same page.

Like I said on Instagram, I can’t recommend this app enough. I’m able to get in and out of the grocery store in just a few minutes, and I save money by sticking to what’s on the list. I simply un-check items to add them back to the list, which is great for basics like bread and cereal. I haven’t decided if we’ll upgrade or not, but for now, the basic free version works just fine!

2 thoughts on “the wonder of Wunderlist.”

  1. Okay… I think I’m going to seriously spend some time with this app tonight. I can see this coming in very handy for my to-do lists as well as my shopping lists… and of course, my blog post topics (which I ALWAYS struggle with). I like crossing things off, too, as silly as that sounds… makes me feel more accomplished :)

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