the weekly washing

I didn’t try any wild or crazy methods.
I didn’t use any fancy products.
I didn’t shoot any daily photos.
It’s hardly even blog-worthy.
Even still, I can’t help but write about it.

Since we moved to the farmhouse, I’ve been washing my hair only once a week.

This might not be a big deal to some, but it’s huge for me. I’ve got long hair and lots of it, sure… but it’s always been rather fine and oily. As in, I could stand to wash it twice daily – that kind of oily. I’m also lazy when it comes to products and styling, and my preference for air-drying only exacerbated the grease problem.

Until we moved. It started out by accident, as the days got away from me while we settled in and unpacked. We also only have one working bathroom, which was an adjustment for everyone. The weather was freezing, making bath time a little more more work and a little less relaxing. We also didn’t leave the house much those first few days and most of the time, my hair was up anyway.

Before I knew it, it had been five days and my hair looked better than it ever had. Ever since, I’ve made it a goal to go an entire week* between washings. Wednesday nights have become Momma’s nights. I spend a solid hour in the bathroom after the kids go to bed, candles and bubbles and music included. It’s developed into quite the indulgent tradition.

Roll the credits…
Dry shampoo. Every other day, temples and crown only. To add body, 
I hang my head upside-down and spray the underside. My favorite brand 
is Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak, but I recently picked up Psssssst! to try next.
Up down up down. I alternate the way I wear my hair, to keep 
from messing with it too much. Clips, bobby pins, top knots, center parts, 
ponytails, side parts, braids… I’ll try anything to get another day out of it!
Brush it off. To keep the oil from spreading, I stay away from the roots. 
I also try to brush only when absolutely necessary, which ends up being 
every other day or so. Otherwise, I use my fingers or just leave well enough alone.

This summer’s sweaty temperatures and sticky humidity will most likely demand more frequent shampooing on my part, but I look forward to returning to a weekly routine in the fall! What about you? Are you repulsed? Or already practicing similar beauty habits? Do share your tricks!

*Of course I bathe more than once a week. I’m only somewhat weird & crunchy.

16 thoughts on “the weekly washing”

  1. Once a week up in here ! Saturdays are wash/blowdry and straighten days. Occasionally middle of the week wash if its all stanky from the gym. But generally just once. Its way better for your hair ! :)

  2. I am ON THAT TRAIN sister!! although I usually wash once every four days, because inevitably someone sticks something in my hair that requires a washing. But I really like it, especially here where its really dry. I should try and push it to a week, one day of luxurious bathroom time sounds like heaven!
    Oh and also I use clean freak too, so you will have to let me know how the pssst works.

  3. Me too! I need to try out the dry shampoo. For now, the up and down method works for me :) It started as a time saving method (my hair is so thick it takes 25 minutes to dry. Do I have time for that? Nope.) but now it’s just a healthy combo of lazy and makes-my-hair-look-better-anyway. Love it!

  4. Bathing happens regularly, but with the long, thick, curly (read: full of knots) mane I’ve got, spending 30 minutes to properly wash it just is not happening. A full wash happens maybe twice a week? Oil is not something I have to worry about, unless I put some heat on it. So, fully in support of your washing practices. Also, your wednesday night rituals sounds dreamlike. Maybe I should try and enjoy my time, treat myself with some candles. I love these little random posts, so enjoyable. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I do the same! My hair takes forever to dry so I just don’t have the energy to wash it every time I shower. I only shampoo once, maybe twice a week and I love it! My coworkers like to mock me though! :P

  6. I do about every 5 days, but I’d love to make it a week! I probably should be able to make it since in those 5 days I only need to use dry shampoo on that last day, but I feel like my head hurts, like actual pain on my scalp by that, do you have that ever?

  7. I wish! I have to wash my thin mop daily. Sometimes every other day if I wore it curly. It only take a couple of minutes to blow dry though, so it is hard for me to complain.

  8. My hair is so dry when I’m pregnant, I always cut back a lot. With my 1st, I went to about every other day, with my 2nd it was super dry so I only washed twice a week, this time it’s not quite as dry so I usually can make it at least 3 days in between washing. I’m all about having less to do! ;)

  9. I wash my hair once a week as well and have been for about 2 years now. I love that I don’t spend big chunks of my day doing my hair. I love the suave dry shampoo as well as the Pssssst brand. I tried the big sexy hair and couldn’t tell the difference from the other products. The price was very high and definitely not worth it in my opinion. Dry shampoo tends to build up so every few months I do a vinegar and baking soda wash. Here is a good tutorial on it. Super easy and makes a huge difference.

  10. I now wash my hair just using baking soda and water (and sometimes a vinegar rinse in place of conditioner). I decided to give this a try because I wanted to reduce the amount of chemicals I use, but I love it because it’s super cheap, and lets me go 5-7 days between washings. There’s definitely an adjustment period, but my hair now responds super well to it. It’s been about two and a half years and my hair is in great condition.

  11. I only wash once a week as well. And when I do wash I use a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. My hair is super healthy and in great shape!!!

  12. once a week here too. saves money and water and makes it affordable to use toxin-free shampoo. i change how i fix my hair from the beginning to the end of the week to hide any oiliness– the last two days i usually just put it in a top knot and tie a scarf around my head. my hair has actually adjusted and never gets as dirty as it used to when i washed every three days.

  13. I was doing this right after I had Lola, then got a bug up my butt and chopped it off into a pixie. Like SHORT. It was way easier, but I kind of regret it now… growing it out takes a while, and a lot of self confidence! But anyway, I’ve been using not your mother’s for a year or so- its the best. Better than PSSST.

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