the trash teaches.

It is probably the trashiest show ever. But every few years, I get hooked on the Sex and the City marathons. I set the DVR to record one season after another, and I usually end up watching the entire duration in just a few weeks. Side note: the episodes I tape are edited for language and content, which tames it down to a somewhat appropriate level. Chris & I can actually watch it together without blushing.

The writing is creative and witty. The story lines are believable. And although I love the four-way friendship, it’s all about Carrie Bradshaw for me. Whoever created her keeps me coming back for more. I love Sarah Jessica Parker, I love the quirkiness she puts into Carrie’s character, and I love the eternal optimism and cheeriness she brings to New York City… a mysterious place, I might add, I’ve yet to visit.
Of course – there are the clothes. Carrie’s style makes you feel like you can wear anything in your closet (or all of it, at one time) and still look like a million bucks. I have yet to see the second movie. I’m definitely interested. I just need to find a way to eliminate the crude language and the nudity. Watching that stuff on a big any size screen makes me cringe.

what I’ve learned from Sex and the City:
To appreciate my husband more. It takes a million episodes, but those four ladies eventually stumble upon the loves of their lives. They each find a way to humble themselves enough to let love in, and then they hold onto it for dear life. I’m only all the more thankful that I found my one-and-only without a ton of heartache on the front-end.
To stretch my wardrobe. Carrie teaches us to try layer upon layer of ideas. After watching, I find myself digging up fancy costume jewelry to throw on top of ratty t-shirts. I also make it a point to wear heels more, despite what I’m wearing up top.
To find pearls of wisdom in everyday life. Granted, someone wrote Carrie’s life for her. But I seem to take away little nuggets from every episode. If only we spent more time pondering and asking ourselves questions like hers on a regular basis! Lately, I’ve been trying to not get caught up in daily routines, and to spend more time being thoughtful.
If you’ve never seen the show, you probably have no idea what’s going on. But that’s okay! I know I’m not alone. While doing my (Google) image research, I discovered several photo shoots channeling the show and Carrie’s character – celebrities & common folk alike. Imagine how influential she might be if she was real.
My hats off to you, Carrie Bradshaw! Now, if only real-life women could pull off those bizarre bra tricks. That whole thing seriously blows my mind.

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  1. I am right there with you!! I could watch SATC all day, and I truly relate to all the lessons in love they experience, not to mention I am so jealous of the eternal love all four girls have for eachother! Cheers to SATC!

  2. I have watched bits and pieces of the show when I catch re-runs or whatever. I did see the first movie and it was embarrassing watching it all on the big screen….especially the one male frontal nudity scene! I thought my friend was going to climb under her chair! Lol! I do wish I had some friends like that though….

  3. I am curious as to why anything said in that show is embarrassing to adults? Aren’t we human meaning sexual behavior is quite normal for us? Anyone care to elaborate why they’re embarrassed by it? Maybe I’m just an open book when it comes to sexuality more so than the next gal?

    I do love the things you’ve learned from the show. I do admire Carrie’s wisdom as well. :]

  4. @Brianne, I’m not modest when it comes to discussing sexuality! I don’t do it here, but I could talk to a brick wall about that stuff all day long. However, a lot of the language and scenes from SATC seem to be racy just for the shock value… It is just not my cup of tea.

    @Anonymous – huh?

  5. I watched the series once like you said–in a marathon. It made me feel uncomfortable…but I just couldn’t stop watching. I get where you are coming from. I am not ashamed of sexuality. Now, I like true blood….but i stopped watching it because i decided i didn’t need to expose myself to that….

  6. @anonymous (november9, 7:06) – despite the fact that nudity/sexuality in tv shows doesn’t make a lot of people (including myself) feel weird (unless i’m watching with a parent and/or a small child), it’s understandable why it would make a person feel uncomfortable, whether they have children or not. the fact is that some people wouldn’t opt to watch others romp in the sack. it’s nice to know that despite our lewd culture where nudity and sexuality is hyped and distorted to a disturbing degree, there are some people out there that would still cover their eyes (figuratively).
    for the record, i don’t watch much SATC, but when it’s on, i do watch, and it’s a pretty good show. i see why so many women love it.

  7. I LOVE SATC! Seriously, I could watch episode after episode (I have all the seasons and the first movie).

    I have to warn you though, the second movie is total and utter shiz. The worst thing I’ve ever seen. I felt insulted by how bad it was. Consider yourself warned ;)

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