the threenager

Having been the easiest two year-old in the world, this threenager sure is throwing us a curve ball. We’re dealing with daily tantrums, whining, incessant chatter… the whole nine yards. I’ve heard that three is sometimes even rougher than the “terrible twos,” but good grief! Ames Emmanuel is lucky he’s cute! His big brothers are ridiculously patient with him, which serves as a great example for his parents. Being that this is a huge season of transition for him, I’ve tried a few different approaches lately to help the days run more smoothly.

I’ve found that if I heap responsibility onto this little boy’s shoulders, he responds with the utmost enthusiasm. We’ve developed a little game where I call out, “Big brother, big ___” and Ames yells “HELPER!” Except it comes out sounding like HEPPUH and I melt a little bit inside from the cuteness. Anyway, he’ll come running and help me with whatever I’m doing at the moment. I haven’t had to put away a folded dish rag in weeks, and he is all too excited to pile those jokers up in the basket under the sink.

Ames also appreciates small moments. He has a wicked sharp memory and enjoys reflecting back on events throughout the last day. Or week. Or month. Last night I gave him a bath by himself, so we could get a little time together away from the sisters. We were in the middle of chatting about something when he grabbed my face said, “Wait, Momma. Thank for those muffins.” The Ames Emmanuel version sounded like CANKOO FUH DOZE MUFFINS, which of course nearly brought me to tears. He was referring to the special patriotic breakfast I’d set up for the kids before I left for work the day prior. For being such a rowdy tot, the boy sure has a grateful heart.

Before we know it, this kid will grow out of his toddler years – the ugly tantrums and the cute mispronunciations included. For now, though, we’ll make the most of this threenager and soak his little sweaty self up. Because nothing smells as close to heaven as a boy who’s put up a good fight, and then succumbed to a good nap.

5 thoughts on “the threenager”

  1. Beautiful post. Dealing with a threenager myself and it’s wonderful to hear how other mamas are handling the constant everything.

  2. ugh. right? I have had a post in my draft thing for two weeks of how I’m nervous of this. “Terrible two’s” were not terrible at all, they were wonderful… but now I’m scared, really scared. She’s got a ‘tude.

  3. Noah was the most easy-going child until three. That was when his independence streak started. Then at four the whys started. It was exhausting, but at the same time amazing to watch him take in the world and find his own voice. Now he’s a jaded seven year old who knows everything but can melt me with his smile. :)

  4. In same boat here – might even confess to having felt a little smug that the terrible twos never manifested… if only I’d realised that the gorgeous little two year old we had was just waiting patiently to grow into a threenager.

  5. Twos? Piece of cake. The DAY AFTER my girl turned three, she turned into a nightmare. Attitude and opinions suddenly popped up everywhere. I tell her (jokingly most of the time) that she’s going to be lucky to see four. :)

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