the sweetest thing.

In all of our living situations, we’ve put money towards the most functional rooms first. Often times, our bedroom remains as four walls with a bed and a dresser for months. This move was no exception. I was not in a hurry to decorate the master suite because I knew this would be our home for years. I wanted it to be done right, and I was willing to wait until we could spend the money and effort on a quiet Momma/Daddy paradise. We had plenty of time, right?
During Ames’ birth (in our rental house), I relied heavily on the furniture and artwork in my bedroom to help me through contractions. Afterwards, I spent a lot of time snuggled up in my bed and getting to know my new son. It was nice to have curtains hung and flowers on the bedside table. We didn’t have much, but it felt like home.
We finished our new home in May. It was now August, and we found ourselves pregnant again. The master bedroom was e-m-p-t-y, and something needed to be done STAT. I immediately began nesting; but this time, I nested for myself. I needed my bedroom done, and I needed it done in time for this new baby.
We started dreaming and scheming. I got back into the Craigslist swing of things, and I scored a fun iron bed. Chris dragged an eight-foot mirror home from Lucky Brand, and we propped it up against one wall. We painted our next door neighbor’s old shutters (they were throwing them out) and made a fun headboard. We waited for a good Black Friday deal on a Crate & Barrel desk I’ve loved since we got engaged. Of course, my late granddaddy Harley’s red trunk will forever remain a staple piece. And we’re in the market for a comfortable reading chair to put by the corner.
I had the day off and ran some errands this morning. When I returned home, Chris sent me upstairs for some “Momma time.” I thought this was sweet, as was the beautiful winter bouquet of flowers on the kitchen table. I know, I married Mr. Right. But wait, it gets better.
When I walked into our bedroom, my heart leapt. Chris had set up the desk with flowers, my computer, a copy of Real Simple, peanut M&M’s, and my late grandmother Helen’s stool.
He’d added some candles and framed pictures.
He’d also written me the most beautiful card, and he’d sealed it with a wax “K.” 
So formal, so thoughtful. 
In his note, he talked to me about the Father’s love for us, and how He’d blessed us with the opportunity to bring two more lives into the world. He told me he’d been born to make sure I always have a smile on my face. When he writes, I weep. Plain and simple.
I am not scared of anything with this man by my side.
He is my heart. He is my lovesong.

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