the sling diaries: love

This is the first installment of a six-month series called the Sling Diaries, sponsored by Sakura Bloom. We were sent two slings to review, in exchange for a collection of entries based on different themes each month. I’m excited & honored to be a part of this project!

In the above photo, my daughter is most definitely spitting up and I am most likely mid-sentence, nagging Chris to snap a few photos for this project. I can tell you right now, this series will be raw & real. We don’t have the budget or the equipment for professional photo shoots. We have too many children to worry about matching outfits and all smiles pointed at a camera. We’re approaching this project from a very humble & laid-back perspective. We’ve simply made the commitment to carry our camera around more often, and to use our Sakura Bloom slings whenever we wear our kids. I appreciate the fact that there are no real guidelines to this project… just families, slings, and stories. 
This month, the challenge is LOVE. Perfect timing for me, as one of the ongoing themes in my life right now comes from a verse in Corinthians. You’ve most likely read it, even if you’re not a Christian. It’s known as “the love chapter” – a long list of the things love is and isn’t, the things love does and doesn’t. I’ve probably read it hundreds of times over the years, but only recently has one of the lines caught me by the heart…
It does not say love bears all things when they are light and simple and convenient and reciprocal. The sentence ends abruptly after “all things.” During this season of my life, my love bears all things in a very tangible, physical sense. Chris & I don’t catch time to ourselves very often. Errands and outings often involve our three youngest children, only one of whom can walk. We literally bear the weight of all of our children, and on a daily basis.
Never have I carried such a burden, and never has a burden been so beautiful. It is an honor to love in a way that bears all things.

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  1. love this. they’re heavy but imagine how empty our arms and hips will feel when they are too big to carry. my oldest is 3 and still wants to be carried a good bit; i always think “boy you can sit in my arms till you’re 12.”

    p.s. i’d rather see humble and laid-back kincaids anyway.

  2. We have a ring sling that we never used, because we could never figure it out. I sure hope our family grows and we can put it to use often. Also, two things I love:
    1. Ames’ muscle shirt. Too much cute!
    2. The new blog name. I feel like it’s perfect for the feel and content of your blog.

  3. your pink pixie design. I always collect those coloured paint cards for craft projects at home – fun for making mini bunting x

  4. Awww, that little foot sticking up out of the sling… so cute! Also, I love (LOVE) that photo of you fixing your hair in front of the colorful paint swatches… only, there’s one gray swatch that’s wonky and totally caught my eye before anything else! haha…

  5. My daughter just turned 4 months. We have a sling, among many other carriers, but I just need to figure out how to wear her best in it. Any chance you want to do a Vlog:-)

  6. Beautiful post. And “Love bears all things” was such a good reminder for me–totally unrelated to babywearing and childrearing (though those things are close to my heart too). I’ve been a bit bitter and resentful due to bearing things–but if it’s in love, through love and with the perfect love of Christ flowing through me, then it’s just a part of love. Thank you for that reminder.

  7. TOTALLY agree with all of the other comments but especially the one about a vlog tutorial! I own a ring sling (not a Sakura Bloom, though, and I am slightly envious/covetous of it) and I just never figured out how to best wear it. My daughter is only 6 months, though, so there’s still time.

    You have a beautiful family! I feel like I love your kiddos even though I don’t know them!

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