the sling diaries: exploration

This is the third installment of a six-month series called the Sling Diaries, sponsored by Sakura Bloom. We were sent two Sakura Bloom slings to review, in exchange for a collection of entries based on different themes each month. I’m excited & honored to be a part of this project! Stay up to date with all of the participating families on the Sling Diaries Pinterest page.

A few weekends ago, Chris & I loaded up the littles and headed for the Blue Ridge Mountains. We hit a few snafus along the way. Our destination was a mountain house we’d never seen, and I’d left the directions at home. To make matters worse: we lost signal on our phones intermittently, the weather began to cloud, and it was getting close to sunset. Just as I grew apprehensive enough to get cranky, I convinced Chris to stop off in Blowing Rock. He had never even heard of the legend, much less set foot there. I’m so glad we did!
My plan for this Sling Diaries submission was to snap photos of us exploring various locations as a family. The boys weren’t even with us this weekend, as they went to the lake with their mom. Also, the girls are totally in their pajamas in these photos. But the mountains! Oh, the mountains! Without further adieu…

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