the sisters’ nursery tour

When it comes to decorating, Chris & I aren’t too into themes. We like what we like, and we want our home to show character & personality. Generally, we try to collect pieces along the way and create fun spaces slowly but surely. In addition to making the process more fun, it also saves us money and the pressure of sticking to one idea or pattern.
Decorating the sisters’ room has been no exception. The only new items purchased were the curtains and shelving! Everything else came from our garage, friends, and family. We wanted to create a fragile & feminine space, one with an almost old-lady feel to it. We love the way it turned out, and we look forward to many sweet moments in here with the girls!

I made the fabric piece several years ago. I’m not the craftiest gal in the land, and Chris has never been too fond of it. So, where shall it go in the new house? How about in the girls’ room, behind the door?! The mirror has followed me from apartments to houses over the years. Swaddling blankets & a maya wrap ring sling hang beneath it.
The girls will enjoy gazing upon black & white photos of their big brothers. Above it hangs my favorite photograph of Chris & I, a copy of which is also in Ames’ room. The heirloom rocking chair belongs to my mother. It was crafted for short mamas like us.

The cribs are a combination of hand-me-downs & Craigslist finds. I picked up the chandelier at Urban Outfitters for five bucks, almost ten years ago. It sat in a box until now. A sweet friend created the mixed-media piece as a wedding gift for the husband & I.

Chris brought home the patterned wall-hanging during his days at Lucky Brand Jeans, and the pseudo-curtain was a late-night apartment project for my college roommates & I.

This wall is a hodge-podge of diapering supplies & family knick-knacks. The dresser came from a friend, and the hamper used to be ours. We’re currently throwing our dirty clothes in a pile in our closet, all in the name of nursery-style!

The barn stars were made by a family friend, and the blue sweater was knitted in honor of my birth by a distant aunt over twenty years ago. “Always Love” is one of our favorite Nada Surf songs, and it’s been sung to each of our boys countless times. I found the artwork on clearance at West Elm. Chris & I couldn’t agree upon what the girl is holding. I know it’s probably a popsicle, but I’m secretly hoping it’s a corn dog.
And there you have it! It’s hard to believe this room will be put to use in mere days. C’mon, sisters Kincaid! Your Momma & Daddy are ready for you!

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19 thoughts on “the sisters’ nursery tour”

  1. gorgeous nursery! we’ve got the same cribs for josiah and lucia, except one is black and one is white. i LOVE the colors you chose for their room – looks so peaceful in there.

  2. LoVe their room.. I am very excited for you all. I wish you the very best of luck.. Hope to see you and those pretty girls soon! Blessings, Ashley.R

  3. Oh, Rach! How absolutely delightful! That chandelier (for FIVE BUCKS?!) is unreal! I love the simplistic elegance and the lace curtain. Jealous of your little girlfriends!

  4. absolutely BEAUTIFUL room! and in case i forget to say so (i am a terrible commenter) i adored your guest post on sometimes sweet. you are an amazing mama! XOXO!

  5. So cute! I know by the time I was as pregnant as you are now there was no way I was going to keep decorating.
    I was way too tired, so good for you.
    And I LOVE the cribs. They’re darling.

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