the sisters are two weeks old!

Sure, it’s double the work. But if it’s possible… I’m finding that this time around is actually easier. Maybe it’s because I’m more laid-back. Maybe it’s because they have each other. Maybe it’s God cutting us a break for having three kids under two. Whatever it is, I’ll take it. These girls are angels.
They’ve surpassed their birth weight and are approaching 7lbs a piece. They nurse in tandem, which is something I worried about during pregnancy. I pictured myself with a baby attached to my boob at all times. It hurts just as badly as it did starting out with Ames, which surprised me a bit. But it’s not nearly as hard or as scary as I thought it would to breastfeed two at one time. I know it could change at any minute, so I’m counting my blessings this week. But so far, they nurse for about 10 minutes at a time, one on each side. Then they sleep for three hours – four at night! I know. We’re blessed.

We carry them to the car in a stack. Remember, we’re using Radians. The infant bucket seats are too much to handle with two + a toddler. We’ve been wearing the twins when we go out. Chris puts them both in a Maya wrap ring sling for now, until I fully recover. We’ve been cloth diapering them for a week now, since we used up all of the hospital diapers. So far, it’s been simple & fuss-free. We wash theirs with Ames’, so it’s one big load every 2-3 days.
We are having more trouble telling them apart. The distinct differences we noticed in the hospital have faded. One had pointy ears, and the other round – until it switched. One day, one girl takes a pacifier and the other refuses. The next day, it’s the opposite. We wrapped their amber necklaces around different ankles to help keep us straight. I know identical twins are rare, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they are. The doctor wasn’t able to confirm or deny, due to them being the same gender with what seemed to be one placenta & two sacs. There’s a lot of twin education for me to dive into, but zygotes & genetics make my head spin!
Ames = amazing. He’s hit toddlerhood full-on, face-first. He tackles pillows and growls and giggles and gives wet kisses. He tells us he loves us all day long. He pets the sisters’ heads and pretends like he’s rocking them. He throws himself on the ground and cries when his snacks are gone. He just hit 22lbs & he’s wearing a 3T hat. Hilarious. He’ll be 18 months old on Easter.

So that’s where we are. Two weeks in & surviving thriving. We’ve been blessed with meals and haven’t had to cook since returning from the hospital. Thank you, friends! I’m feeling better & stronger by the day, but I’m still trying to take it easy and not move around too much. Everything is still sore, head-to-toe. I’m looking forward to feeling 100% soon. It breaks my heart to not be able to pull Ames onto my lap and snuggle him against his will.
The big boys come home from their mom’s in a few days… they’ve been living it up at the beach for Spring Break. While it gave us some breathing room & space to transition the sisters into our home, I am anxious to get all five kids under one roof & into a routine. Imagine that – me anxious to get into a routine?!
Thanks for sharing in this journey, friends…
Hope to keep the blog updated somewhat regularly from here on out!

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13 thoughts on “the sisters are two weeks old!”

  1. They’re gorgeous! I would love to know what cloth diapers you’re using on them whenever you get time to blog about it :)

  2. They look super sweet! Kind of makes me want twins :) Especially with how simple you make it seem!

    You’re in my thoughts and prayers in the coming weeks. A wonder mom with 3 under 2 for sure! You should win an award :)

  3. god is so good. and those babies are such beautiful symbols of joy and love and all things peaceful and wonderful. so happy to hear that ames has transitioned so well. and that breastfeeding and diapering and everything is going so smoothly is just amazing. you’re so blessed.

  4. Rachael! I am SO proud of you! Jeremy and I we’re so happy to see you last week and you doing incredible! I know things are still intense but you have got motherhood down to a T! It might not feel that way sometimes or most times, but you we’re shinning, even 11 days post partum… But of course, it could just be the placenta pills :0)

    Love you friend and I am loving your blog!

    Nat bardwell

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