the sisters are turning one.

In a few hours, my girls will become toddlers. 

They’re still tiny. They don’t walk or talk, and they still breastfeed. But there is something undeniable about a first birthday. I’ll have to start sucking in my belly more, and I can’t say things like “We just had twin girls!” I’ve waited a long time for this day, and yet the last year seems to have left me on my back in the dust. It is so beautiful and painful to think back. Before the clock strikes, I want to remember some things about my babies.

At eleven months and thirty days, Isaiah Jane is:
Somewhere around 13.5lbs
Army crawling and pushing onto all fours
Smiling almost constantly
Making consonant sounds, and on command
Enjoying music
Sucking her thumb during sleep
Eating anything we serve her
At eleven months and thirty days, Honor Rose is:
Somewhere around 15lbs
Crawling, pulling up, and cruising on furniture
Very observant, only smiling when she means it
Waving at her daddy and big brothers
Enjoying music
Sucking a pacifier during sleep
Eating anything we serve her
Tomorrow, we’ll sleep in (hopefully) and take our time getting ready. Once it’s time for the girls’ morning nap, we’ll surprise everyone by piling in the car and heading south for an hour or two until we reach the zoo. We’ve never been, and the boys are on Spring Break. I wanted to do something everyone could enjoy and still be intentional about making a memory. I think it’s important that the older ones remember birthday celebrations, even when the little ones can’t. No party or anything fancy. Just family time and some cupcakes from a sweet friend.
When I think about the last year, I can’t help but shake my head. It has been one of the most incredible years of my life. And to think that I might get another one with these girls? It blows my mind with gratitude.

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  1. happy birthday to them but HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, MAMA. you have done amazingly well mothering and nurturting and nourishing TWINS this past year.. in addition to loving on your man & boys.

    He is so good. and i thank Him for them and for you.

  2. They are so beautiful and so similar to my (almost) one year old girls…My set will celebrate “one” on 4.21 and match your beauties in size and manner in so many ways…Congrats Mama. You are amazing. :)

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