the run-down list.

There are approximately seven minutes between when my head hits the pillow and when I fall asleep. Do not be jealous. I have worked hard at this over a number of years. I am now the proud owner of a brain and body that can power down anywhere, anytime, on short notice. For me, sleep hygiene is unrelated to stress. I’ve simply trained myself to sleep. I think it might have started back in Alaska, during that summer when the sun never set. I was a confused nineteen year-old kid with just a bunk and a sleeping bag. We made it work.

Before I give in to sleep though, my heart and mind and soul partner together to review what I now call “the run-down list.” Almost all of the items on the list are completely unnecessary and even worse, pointless to mull over in a dark bed. But hey, baby steps. At least I’m not losing sleep over here. I touch on each topic as it comes, speak truth or encouragement or humor to it, and move on to the next. Here is the list lately.

my kids’ souls
my kids’ self-esteem
my kids’ destinies
did I lotion up my feet
did I use my new essential oil blend on my nails
why do we never seem to have enough money
why do I keep looking at money the wrong way
would Chris be willing to check me for lice again
does anyone in the house have pinworms
was that a throw-up cough I just heard
is using a sound machine app on my phone poor parenting
it feels so good to prepare for the next day the night before
it feels so good to be dairy-free and have clear skin again
will I ever get a massage again
will I ever get a facial again
will I ever get to the gym again
is my pillowcase the right kind for my face and hair
is my sleeping position the right kind for my muscles and bones
can’t wait to pick up where I left off on my Audible book tomorrow
can’t wait to sell and buy some more stuff on eBay
what a time to be alive in the Church
what a time to be alive in America
what a time to be alive as a woman
when will I eat tacos or sushi next
will Chris sleep okay tonight
do I need to pee one more time
are my slippers next to the bed
why is the Bible app’s verse of the day is always so timely
look at God
love you God
goodnight world