The only baby item you’ll ever need.


After having four babies in less than four years, I’d like to think I’ve acquired a bit of expertise when it comes to baby gear. We’ve been through strollers and carriers, bath items and bedding items, diapers and car seats. While I might forget a bunch of stuff when rushing to get Hadassah out of the house, I almost always seem to remember one important item. Really, y’all… all you need is a swaddle blanket. Okay, so maybe it’s not ALL you need. But I could probably get your list down to just a few things, and this is one of them. Behold, the things you can do with one of those sweetly soft muslins from Aden & Anais:

Swaddle baby the official, old-fashioned way.

Roll up and prop under chin for paci control.

Place baby on top to enjoy some tummy time.

Place baby on top and change a diaper.

Place baby underneath and cover up while nursing.

Throw over your shoulder and soak up  projectile vomit.

Stuff corner in bra to soak up breastmilk, in the event of forgotten nursing pad.

Tuck around baby in carseat or stroller, to keep warm without overheating.

Tie and twist to form a makeshift sling; ease those aching arms.

What about you? What are some of the magical uses you’ve found for a swaddle blanket?



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  1. Praise. My sweet 1 year old niece, now uses her blanket as a little buddy, finding lots of solace in clutching that silky tag when she’s feeling angsty.

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