the neat, weird birthday.


My parents’ birthday is today. Crazy, right? When they learned they shared the same one, they sort of had to get married. More than thirty years later, though, they’re still taking photos like this. I know it’s been a long road full of hard work, and I’m thankful to them for that. Both my mom and dad are healthy, living near me, and still married to each other. None of those things do I take for granted.

My dad promised that he’d never miss an event of mine, and I cannot remember one that he did. My mom held my stomach when it got sick, and my heart when it got broken. My dad taught me phrases like, Make decisions based on how you want to feel. My mom encouraged me to grow with phrases like, You were never mine to begin with. My dad made my husband work for his approval and blessing, and now he calls him his son. My mom drove to school and pulled me out of class to make up after ¬†morning fights, and now she’s my best friend.

The best part is that they aren’t Mom & Dad anymore…¬†now they’re Chief & Sunshine, which makes things all the more fun. Happy birthday, you two! Keep doing what you’re doing!

6 thoughts on “the neat, weird birthday.”

    1. Perfect! I actually got it from a couple on a missions trip, when I was 19. They didn’t have kids yet, but they’d already chosen the name for one of their dads. I thought it’d be perfect for mine, too.

  1. tears to my eyes – i miss my dad so very much! yes, you are right, do not take having parents like that for granted. they are a blessing and will leave such a legacy! and already do in YOU.

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