the mascot.

When we learned we were pregnant again, my thoughts went immediately to the big boys. I’ve always worked really hard to make them feel cherished and important. I remind them quite often that I loved them first, before I ever knew I’d have kids of my own. I felt like we’d hit a good rhythm with our crew and was worried that another baby might make them feel annoyed or overwhelmed. After I fussed around with that, I worried about the twins. Would they become super possessive of me and make life miserable for everyone once we welcomed a new baby? Lastly, I wondered how Ames would do. At only seventeen months of age, he never had a chance to protest becoming a big brother. How would he be this time around? How would they all be this time around?

Apparently, I had absolutely nothing to worry about. Hadassah Lee is a celebrity in the Kincaid household. Every single of one of our kids has taken to her like a dream. Lucas offered to stay in the hospital with me, for crying out loud! He & Avery take turns holding her each night before bed, and the little ones ask about her as soon as they wake up. Whoever finishes their meal first usually volunteers to hold her while I eat with both hands, and I’ve even found time to grab some alone time if the big boys offer to snuggle her while they read or play video games. There hasn’t been any resistance or complaining or negativity from anyone.

I know we’ll have our moments as we adjust to life with a new baby, but these early weeks have been so sweet and so easy. I don’t think these kids will ever know how grateful I am for that.

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    1. What’s cute is that the twins each have their own response to Hadassah… these photos capture it, and it’s continued even after their initial meeting!

    2. I can’t tell them apart, but the one of the right looks absolutely smitten. :-)

      I love your heart for your children. You’ve given them the greatest gift by giving them the gift of each other.

      When my mom was really sick earlier this year, and we weren’t sure if she was going to make it, she told me my brother, sister, and I would need to stick together and stick up for each other. We would be each others remaining advocates.

      Your children are blessed to have each other. Just think of all the cousins there will be one day!

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