the lake.

Chris & I both have the fever. We want to move out to the country – to acres, to chickens, to quiet. That probably won’t happen for a while, so I’ve been making a list of things that keep me content where we are. I am grateful that we were able to buy a house so early in our marriage. It was new construction, and we were able to build it to our specifications. It’s enough space, and it’s in a great school district – Avery walks to the elementary school two streets over! It may not be where we want to live five years from now (or even three), but it’s ours and it’s home.

One of the best things about our neighborhood is the lake by Avery’s school. We have spent many an afternoon out there, throwing the ball for the dogs. The pups run & swim until their tongues fall out of their heads. It’s a little piece of heaven for them, and it gives us a taste of what we hope to own someday.

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    1. Samson is our Catahoula Leopard dog, and Delilah is our American bulldog!
      Both rescued from humane societies, different counties & different years.

  1. You certainly do have a motley crew ;) There is something wonderful to be said about counting your blessings and being content in the here and now. Somehow things have a way of always working according to an entirely different timeline than we might want for ourselves, but in the end- it always ends up the way it’s supposed to be. Your family is beautiful :)

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