the kids’ first glimpse

We went out to to the new house this weekend, to sign the counter-offer contract and show the kids. They’d seen it from the road, but this was their first trip inside. The big boys darted from room to room, doing their best to convince us of what (and who) should go inside each one. After giving the house their approval, they spent the rest of their time in the trees. We gave the property another lap, met a few neighbors, and signed our contract. Our realtor left us to take our time packing up, and Ames took full advantage of the space. He ran from one end of the porch to the other, for nearly half an hour. He was a sweaty mess by the end. Chris & I just sat there with the girls, soaking everything in – the breeze, the smell, the realization that all of this might actually be ours.

Things we learned over the weekend:

The house was originally smack-dab in the center of downtown… it was moved to its current spot in the 1960’s. You can still see the seam over the front door, where they put it back together. It has a new well and a new roof, and several other updates that were made less than ten years ago. There’s an additional acre of land behind the house that belongs to another family. Word on the street is that they bought it with intent to build, but never did. That’s on our laundry list of things to explore in the future. I’d love to own all of the woods behind us, just to ensure it stays intact.

Checked off the list: sign purchase agreement, complete formal loan application, find renters, make a lease agreement

Next on the list: obtain inspection report, haggle over who pays for what repairs, hold breath for loan approval and a closing date that actually comes to fruition, learn how to manage a well and septic tank

We’re so excited to see how this story turns out! Thanks for sharing in the journey with us!

6 thoughts on “the kids’ first glimpse”

  1. OMG it is beautiful!!! Straight from a storybook! That picture of your family at the front door is great.

  2. Now that’s the kind of place where memories are made!! Beautiful, and so much room to roam, congratulations…hope that the rest of the process runs smoothly for you and the family.
    On another note I can give you some tips on rural living (the well and the septic). Tip #1 – can’t run the water when the power is out, keep some jugs stored. Tip#2 – careful what you flush!

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