the garlic shake

Several of you asked about the details of my garlic photo on Instagram this week. Exciting, but a bit ridiculous…right? A way to peel garlic without making a mess or a stink simply seems too good to be true. Not thanks to Martha Stewart, after her participation on NPR’s “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” last week. I sat in my car at Trader Joe’s for longer than I should have, just to hear this one out. Boy, was it worth it! It really works, y’all. Here we go:

1. Place an entire head of garlic in a metal bowl.
2. Top with another metal bowl, preferably the same size.
3. Shake shake shake, for about a minute.
4. Remove “bowl lid” and┬ávoila! Beautifully naked cloves of garlic.

Now go try it, and let me know if it works as well for you as it did for me.
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4 thoughts on “the garlic shake”

  1. When I saw this picture on Instagram, I wondered if you’d heard about it on Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me. I don’t have two bowls close enough in size to try it. Maybe I need to go shopping…

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