the day we got away.

I’ve written about our Tuesdays before. It’s usually filled with therapy, and Chris is at staff meeting all day. I often wind up feeling trapped because I can’t go into certain parts of the house while Isaiah Jane works. I get a lot of cleaning done, but the setup often leaves me itching for some space and freedom.

This past week, we escaped. IJ didn’t have therapy, and some of the staff wives decided to hang out during staff meeting. Three moms, twelve kids, chips & salsa, trampolines, a giant group lunch, and a tour of our new building… it was a perfect Tuesday. In one of the photos, you can see big siblings holding little siblings – babies who don’t even belong to them. I love our church community*, and the influence it has on my kids. So thankful to call these folks mine.

*One of the best things about a great church is its ability to love on the community, regardless of views or opinions or baggage or hang-ups. I’m not one to brag, but my church is an expert on this. Check it out.

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