The day after.

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I’ve spent the last few years learning the art of being content in my season. I’ve tried to stop anticipating the future at the expense of the present. I’ve begun to sit into my feelings more – the joy, the sorrow, whatever it is I’m experiencing. I want to move through life without regret, knowing that I’ve wrung every last drop out of the now as I leave it behind.

But the day after holidays make me so, so happy. I find an almost unreasonable amount of joy at cleaning up and packing away and starting over. The kids helped me put away the fall decor and bring in the winter stuff yesterday,  while the Christmas tunes and a fire roared in the background. We don’t have a tree yet or anything, but I strung up our old paper snowflakes and our new prints after everyone went to sleep. The evening absolutely refueled me.

Advent brings a sort of anticipation that’s completely acceptable. There’s a sense of freedom to look forward to a new thing. Don’t lose sight of the now, but remember what’s stirring and get excited about it. Permission granted? I’ll take it.

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  1. This was a great post. Mae declared our house too. I do live this season and the focus on the Saviour. And I love that Ge teaches me contentment each day, though, some days are better than others. Thanks for posting.

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