the cure for a grumpy afternoon

I spent a total of six days at work last week. In addition to my usual three 12’s, I played a bit of catch-up from maternity leave with meetings, etc. I was also scheduled to work Monday, after having only Sunday off. As you know, the hubs works on Sundays – which means I fly solo with the kids for the morning. By the time we got home from church, I was worn out. I told Chris I felt like I couldn’t catch up. Should I spend the precious free hours folding laundry or hanging out with my kids or grocery shopping or (what I really wanted) sleeping? Instead of actually pursuing any of these things, I spent a good chunk of the afternoon being grumpy about it. I huffed and puffed my way around the kitchen, heating up leftovers for supper. After dinner, Chris decided he’d had enough. He sent the big boys upstairs to put on their shoes “and bring down the goggles.” What? 
He let the boys in on his plan and had them help load Ames & the sisters up in the Suburban. When I hopped in, he handed me the goggles. They’d been stuffed with toilet paper. We were going on a surprise adventure to cheer Momma up.
Chris drove all over the place, occasionally stopping to roll down the window and ask passers-by to tell me how pretty I looked. I fluctuated between chastising him for wasting gas, and attempting to guess where we were. Once, he turned around in a gas station parking lot to try to throw me off. He later told me I guessed it correctly, and he was worried the toilet paper-clogged goggles weren’t working! One of my worst fears is getting lost (or kidnapped), so I make it a point to try maintain a sense of direction at all times – even when blindfolded goggled.

Once we approached our destination, Chris had the boys help me out of the truck. He told me to start walking, but he wasn’t turning off the car or getting out himself. I was terrified that the boys were going to lead me into a pool of water, or the side of a building.

They finally got me to take the few steps onto the sidewalk. Then I heard Chris yell, “Take off your goggles!” Praise the Lord for frozen yogurt.

The rings around my eyes stayed put for at least an hour. Oh, and I totally saw someone from high school in the yogurt shop.
We’ve decided to keep the goggles in the car for the next time a sourpuss tries to ruin an afternoon with a bad attitude.
Just another reason I love being part of a family full of mischievous boys who don’t put up with crabby girls.

15 thoughts on “the cure for a grumpy afternoon”

  1. What an awesome treat, those boys really did it right! I totally feel you on the grumpiness, though. I worked two twelves this weekend, got off late Sunday because a patient coded at 6:50 pm, and then had to go back Monday morning for a meeting. And all my heart wants is to be home! UGH! But then sweet moments such as these happen and you are brought back down to reality. Love the goggles!

  2. awesome husband! great memories were made i’m sure.

    and yes, living with a house full of wild & fun loving boys does make it easier to get over the grumpy days…at least when they include you in the fun :)

  3. How sweet are they? That sounds like something my Mister would do. In fact the other day after a meltdown he promptly took me for tacos. You are a lucky gal!

  4. I saw the photos before reading and thought with the goggles and the eye care center behind you that something was wrong with your eyes LOL! Glad it was only a grumpy girl getting a sweet surprise from her family. :)

  5. What a sweet family! My husband is always good about doing something to cheer me up when I’ve had a long day at work–usually it involves him doing extra household chores ;)

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