The cheapest, easiest DIY ever.


We re-did Lucas’ room for his birthday this month, and I used this tutorial for a t-shirt garland to hang on his walls. I bought nearly thirty tees at Goodwill, so I was left with quite a few intact sleeves…

Enter the perfect circle scarf – or bib! Simply roll the sleeve evenly around the neck, or rotate them so that the longer portion hangs down the front, like a kerchief. All four of my kiddos are currently running around the house with one of these as we speak, and the baby goes through one or two per day. They are perfect for mopping up baby food and other goodies from her cheeks. Play around with different sized tees to get different looks.

I was obviously sticking to a theme with color and texture this time, for the sake of the garland project. Next time, though, I’ll try out some different shirts and look for some fun prints.¬†Any sort of no-sew project is right up my alley, so I’ll be keeping this in mind for next winter’s wardrobes… myself included!

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