the big boys are on a roll.

I try to take hold of the moments when the big boys are exceptionally sweet and grateful. It’s not that they’re usually the opposite, but it’s just really delicious to see these sometimes-stinky tweens growing into gentlemen. I make notes on my phone when they say or do something I want to remember. Last week, they really rose above during our crew’s bout with the stomach bug.

Avery, during an afternoon of errands while the rest of the family was sick…

My day started out at a 10. Then we had to cancel our visit to Grandma’s, because everyone is sick. So that bumped it down to a 9. But then Dad was proud of me for being helpful, and you bought me this milkshake. So it’s on the way back up to a 10 again.

Lucas, during an evening at the Strawberry Festival while the rest of the family was sick…

Thank you so much for this corn. You put the perfect amount of Parmesan on this corn. I’m putting Parmesan on my corn for the rest of my life. And you don’t have to leave me when my friends come up to say hi. I’ll be sure to tell them you’re only big because you’re pregnant… and that you’re my sister. Just kidding!

4 thoughts on “the big boys are on a roll.”

  1. I think I love the idea of deciding to *start* the day at 10 and then deciding, based on what happens, to add or subtract points. This is so much better than waking up and waiting to see if it’s going to be a “good” day. It is expecting good and dealing with any bad.

    Good reminder that even a 40-something (*cough*) adult can sometimes get useful life advice from someone not yet old enough to pump gas. Tell him thanks from m e.

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